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Swine flu and pig cold are differentiated illy with prevention and cure
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The grippe is the infection of respiratory tract of a kind of acute that swine flu virus causes. Clinical feature is come on suddenly, grow like a weed is complete group, this virus is main in consist in ill pig and the respiratory tract secretion of the pig that take poison, eduction hind pollutes an environment, raise is provided, fly of water of surplus material, remnant, ill pig, mice, midge bites, the transmission way that flying foam, airiness is this disease. Summer, autumn with early spring when weather is changeful incidental. And pig cold changes suddenly because of weather more, ignore cold ignore drench of emaciated, bivouac, cold wind invades hot, hidebound, constitution etc cause, and do not infect other pig.

Symptom: Swine flu is original anorexia or do not eat feed, eye conjunctiva tide is red, pour out of agglutinant secretion from inside bazoo, temperature lifts quickly to 40.5-42.5 ℃ , spirit is dispirited, appetite is abandoned absolutely, drink a few clear water sometimes, cough, pour out of purulent sex secretion from inside bazoo. Breath and palpitant number increase, serious finally asthma, the type that show a belly or dog sit type breathes. Defecate good progress arrives constipation, pee lack shows yellow. Limply, do not wish to act. If afterwards is sent cling to disease of family name bacili, pneumonic streptococcic disease, mortality but lofty 10% above. Disease has pig head cold feed decrease, spirit is depressed, 40 ℃ control temperature, shed Qing Ti nasally, cough sometimes, hair of bottom of ear needle, limb is cool, by Mao Moguang, relieve oneself is general and normal, strengthen nurse, do not have death almost.

Precaution: These two kinds of disease should notice to be kept apart in time, column circle, raise is provided should use solution of 2% caustic soda to disinfection, remnant expects remnant depth of water is buried or change processing without social effects of pollution, the hydrochloric acid of 0.05% is added in the diet of the pig Lin guanidine (virus is clever) raise feeds 1 week; Usable also gram 250 grams, the root of Chinese thorowax, board La Gen 100 grams, decoct water pig of 10 kilograms of drink, have better precautionary effect. Cure: Want to be treated to disease to ill pig, prevent afterwards to send infection. Can choose: 15% hydrochloric acid Lin guanidine (virus is clever) inject fluid, by pig weight every kilogram uses 25 milligram, intramuscular injection, daily 2, note 2 days repeatedly. Fluid of 30% analgin inject, by pig weight every kilogram uses 30 milligram, intramuscular injection, daily 2, note 2 days repeatedly. Be like complete group of infection, usable Chinese traditional medicine mixes makings hello take. Chinese traditional medicine square: Jingjie, honeysuckle, Daqingxie, the root of Chinese thorowax, the root of kudzu vine, Huang Ling, akebi, board 25~50 of La Gen, licorice, dry Jiang Ge is overcome (50 kilogram control every head plan, weight) , medical insolation, smash fine face, mix feed into makings take, if do not have appetite, but decoct soup is fed take, general 1 agent heals namely, when necessary the 2nd day takes 1 dose again.
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