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Combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine remedial pig pants ill effect i
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The pig pants disease is by the pig pneumonic mildew body (support former put oneself in another's position) the osculatory sex infection that cause, show chronic course, it is a feature with cough, asthma. This ill happening is done not have seasonal, send more with winter, spring. Pant in the pig disease erupts popular initial stage or weather change suddenly, cold moisture, raise management large quantities of death can be caused below the circumstance such as difference of not good at, wholesome condition. Wait according to change of popular circumstance, clinical symptom, pathologyIntegratedDiagnose but diagnose this disease.

One, prevent and cure

1. not from suffer from pant ill pig farm introduces kind of pig, this is the crucial measure that avoids this disease to travel. After introducing kind of pig, observe a month is firmHealthyHind, inject vaccine. Seasonable on immune foundation segregation is treated or wash out the pig that has the symptom that face examine, health of work up immunity is planted swinery, begin further purifyThe job. This is an indispensable measure.

2. is strengthened raise management, had done the sanitation that prevent disease to work, environment of pig farm inside and outside is used regularly green power bully disappear venom is disinfected thoroughly. Come onStep of omnibus prevention and cure must be taken after, ability makes epidemic situation gets very quickly controlling.

After 3. swinery comes on, seasonable segregation treats ill pig. (1) fluid of pneumonic smooth inject reachs intramuscular injection 100 happy beauty, weight of every 10 kilogram 1 milliliter, 1 day 2, use consecutively 3 ~ 5 days. (2) fluid of cordate houttuynia inject, the pig of every 50 kilogram, intramuscular injection 10 milliliter, everyday 2 times 3 ~ are; use consecutively 5 days a period of treatment. (3) complete group Bao Shugong light is mixed inside pig feed (bases is element of his annulus of hydrochloric acid beauty) , use consecutively 3 ~ 5 days. (4) swinery should mix raise Chinese herbal medicine at the same time. Prescription is: Lou of cane of almond, the bulb of fritillary, honeysuckle, earthworm, melon each 50 grams, li of Daqingxie, 2 flowers, Ting child, high aspiration each 40 grams, purple perilla, birthwort, licorice each 30 grams, grind in all for delicate last stage, add a few honey to bring. The pig of 10 kilogram less than, every time the pig of 25 kilogram of ~ of kilogram of 20 grams;10, every time the pig of 50 kilogram of ~ of kilogram of 30 grams;25, every time the pig of above of kilogram of 50 grams;50, every time 75 grams. Feed in interfuse feed take. Everyday 2, use consecutively 3 ~ 5 days. Via taking step of afore-mentioned omnibus prevention and cure, swinery can recover very quickly.
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