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The operation therapeutics with young pig hernial scrotum
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One, the examination before art

Assistant catchs young pig ear to mention up, when young pig cries, scrotum and beat of inguinal annulus place rise. Use a hand to be able to judge the side that it is sheet or bilateral and scrotal hernia, at the same time judgement gives the hernia outside belonging to inguinal hernia, scrotum or scrotal hernia.

2, the preparation before art

Get ready all sorts ofOperationVenom of tool, disappear and antiphlogistic pink, fork of young pig hind leg begin pours condole to be below wooden ladder downward.

3, operation method

Law of suture of 1. inguinal annulus

This law suits a kind of any scrotal hernial operations. To bilateral and scrotal hernia, can be in a central line and place of across of horizontal line of two inguinal opening to make vertical form cut, about 5 centimeters long. DissectionThe skinHind, do passivity depart to a side with hernial large bag first, depart gives total scabbard film to secure spermary, film of incision total scabbard takes out ligament of spermary clipping scrotum, ligation energy demand remands celiac. The muscle to inguinal annulus mouth and peritonaeum (from the back pulling inside scrotum) do successional suture together, view is not clear but enlarge is achieved, rip the skin pair of inguinal aperture to have complete repair, same method is opposite reoccupy another side applying operation. After aperture suture ends, two groin scatter antiphlogistic pink, do a knot to oversew to outer skin, the attention should leave ureter when passivity is detached. Hernial to odd side scrotum, can be in odd side groin dissections the skin 2 ~ 3 centimeters of cut above annulus, operation method is Alexandrine, another side presses regular method castrate.

Law of 2. scrotal ligate

Suit inguinal hernia and scrotal hernia. Remand the small intestine inside scrotum celiac, dissection next scrotal wall skin, do not cut film of broken total scabbard, outside coming off total scabbard film is in charge of to groin, hold spermary to be the same as total scabbard film, essence of life all alone twists turn 3 ~ 4 weeks, be close to place of inguinal outer shroud to use stitch of cross of alexipharmic cotton thread again ligation, in ligation foreign clipping scabbard film and energy demand, spermary is excised namely.

3. straight juncture is lawful

Agree with the scrotum with alvine canal less emergence is hernial. Because this kind of scrotum is not apparent, when emasculated small boar carelessly, the bowel after make sb the first aim of attack is in charge of emergence. Answer to carry piggy instantly right now, send ileum the canal, look for vet in time to become an operation. Cannot finding vet circumstance to fall, the needle that use a turn wears has disinfected silk thread, scrotum of both sides of blade having side the skin does deep tubercle to oversew (must plunge into strong) , general stitch can, successful rate is in 70% above.
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