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Cause pig high fever not to retreat reason and prevention and cure
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The element of pig high fever is very much, and different pathogeny has different characteristic, at the same time each breed door send illness condition actually each are not identical, reason this, the disease that fastens all introduction to cause pig high fever to be not retreated for everybody and how the problem such as prevention and cure, the hope can give broad raise pig door in order to help.

The epidemic disease that causes pig temperature to lift is very much, but of nowadays popularity have a few kinds only. Look from clinical symptom, the case of illness that basically gives priority to in order to have a fever is occupied 80% . Through be being diagnosed thoroughly, ability diagnose. At present popular basically is the following kinds of epidemic disease, reach method of prevention and cure to introduce as follows with respect to the clinical symptom of every kinds of epidemic disease, pathological changes now, offer reference.

One, swine fever

Body temperature rise arrives high 40- 42 ℃, abiding do not retreat. Anorexia or gastric disorder, mental depressed, fu Wo happy event sleeps, cold quiver, crowded lie to pile or get careless check. Stand walk arch back bows, limply, the action is sluggish, sway flabby, eye conjunctiva is aglow, have purulent sex secretion, first constipation, hind diarrhoea. The place such as inside of ear root, abdomen, limb has point to press colorfast amaranth to bleed dot.

1, pathological changes: Systemic lymph node enlargement, periphery bleeds, red white photograph is miscellaneous submit marble form. Kidney color becomes weak, the surface has place of pinpoint size haemorrhage. Splenomegaly, bleed, the brim has highlight the haemorrhage sex at the surface to straighten dead. Chronic exemple answers blind ministry mucous membrane to have button shape ulcer in large intestine.
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