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Current pig often comes on point of make a diagnosis and give treatment is analy
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As the development of the course of study that raise a pig, the epidemic disease of the pig especially contagion is ceaseless grow in quantity and more and more complex, raise pig door to because do not prevent and cure,often reach the designated position, bring about pig mortality not in time to increase, economic benefits drops. For this, the author joins the case that courtyard of vet of city of stage of Xing of period of time examines recently, the diagnosis that often comes on the pig and measure of prevention and cure undertook summing up, introduce following supply now everybody is referenced.
Current, the pig often sends a disease to have: Disease of pig high fever, swine fever and pant pig of gastroenteritis of pleurisy of infectivity of epidemic disease of lung of ill mixture infection, pig, pig, infectivity, paratyphoid, young is yellow wild dog of disease of dysentery characterized by white mucous stool of pig of dysentery, young, oedema, puppet, a few kinds of diseases mix above sometimes infection.
One, pig high fever is ill
1, cause of disease: Disease of pig high fever is pig high fever to be asked for integratedly namely, it is the disease that a kind of high fever, anorexia, yellow make water is a feature, this disease is had come on urgent, transmission fast, incidence of a disease tall, death is serious wait for a characteristic. Because this are ill the pathogeny is complex, mix infection for much cause of disease commonly, clinical go up to be controlled harder, remedial effect often is paid no attention to want, make treat cost to increase, the pecuniary loss with severe incur of the production that raise a pig.
2, symptom: Swinery comes on suddenly, body temperature rise arrives high 40 ℃ above, mental depressed, appetite is reduced or abandon absolutely. Ill pigskin skin is aglow, cyanosis of predestined relationship of the ear after ear, the abdomen falls and the much place skin such as limb end has spot, show amaranth, ill pig breathes difficulty, happy Fu lies. Some snorty, sneeze, cough, eye secretion grow in quantity, conjunctivitis. Some ill pig excrement and urine are dry show bulbiform, individual ill pig has diarrhoea appearance, make water is little cloudy, color is deep, partial sow is gravid later period occurrence abortion, produce stillborn foetus, mummy and young son. Blood of lobar haemorrhage, Yu, strut, harden, lung presents mottled state Brown marble model pathological changes. Great majority is mixture infection pneumonic, have fester kitchen range, haemorrhage of partial pig lung forms haemorrhage sex pneumonic, add apparently character between wide, thorax and abdominal cavity have exudation of fiber sex albumen.
3, prevent and cure
① precaution: Hold to from numerous raise oneself. If must introduce kind of pig from the other place when, should keep apart examination 2-3 strictly month, it is healthy pig to just can be mixed with healthy pig certainly group. Strengthen raise management, improve swinery to raise an environment, had done ventilated work with heat preservation, reduce raise density. Do well wholesome disinfection works, piggery and surroundings use different alexipharmic drug to undertake alexipharmic alternately regularly. Do well to swinery all sorts of vaccinal immunity are vaccinal.
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