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The make a diagnosis and give treatment of disease of pig scabies mite
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Ill common of pig scabies mite calls a pig n/med leprosy or itch, it is verminosis of skin of the sex of chronic, contact that parasitism of pig scabies mite causes at pigskin skin, infectivity. This disease basically happens at Qiu Dong to mix early spring, because these are seasonal sunshine is insufficient, cattle hair is long and close, abandon state of sanitation of body of damp, cultivate in the circle especially below the condition with higher humidity of surface of undesirable, skin, the development that suits mite most is progenitive. The pig of this ill different age can be affected, but with in May age the following young pig, especially young pig symptom is heavier. As the pig the growth of the age, come on reduce.

Method of prevention and cure:

1. precaution. (1) do well the environment is wholesome, hold pig house dry, drafty, illumination is enough. (2) environment and appliance are disinfected regularly, can use the 20% limewater of 2% caustic soda, 10% ~ , Wen Shan of 0.1% efficient disinfectant. (3) strengthen raise management, enhance airframe disease-resistant power. (4) be the same as group of raised pigs, density shoulds not be too big. (5) introduce or output a pig when should check seriously, do good precaution processing, lest cause of disease is passed into or come out. (6) introduced pig should keep apart observation, affirm when having disease again be gregarious. (7) often check swinery, discover disease to the pig is kept apart in time and be treated.

2. cure. (1) match dipterex 0.5% ~ 1% aqueous solution, wash brush have a department, or spray with atomizer pig body, 5 ~ undertake interval 7 days. When be being treated with dipterex, not usable and alkalescent bath is brushed, can cause otherwise toxic. (2) brimstone 1, cottonseed oil or vegetable oil 10, the inunction after mixing has a department. (3) inunction of useless engine oil has a department, daily 1. (4) fluid of inject of A Weirui gram injects 33 kilograms every 1 milliliter, cervical hypodermic, 7 ~ undertake interval 10 days again. (5) northeast tiger kills fluid of bug bully inject every 14 kilograms of inject 1 milliliter, hypodermic, 10 days of reentry after delivering drug inject the 2nd times all right. (6) fluid of inject of the pioneer that kill mite, every 10 milliliter are right water 2 kilograms, sparge, dipping, swab all but. (7) injection of element of Yi dimension bacterium is cervical hypodermic 0.3 milligram of 0.2 ~ every kilograms of weight, 5 ~ repeat interval after 7 days use. (8) cure of sparge of solution of laborious sulfur phosphor, take phosphor of 40% laborious sulfur namely lacteal oil is right amount, press 800 ~ of 1 ∶ 1000 doubly water is attenuant (use now match now) , choose cloudy day or cloudy weather to undertake systemic sparge to ill pig, with visibility wet drench feeling to spend, ground sparge is reached 1 meter high to encircling a wall inside limits, with exterminating scabies mite and its egg thoroughly.

3. note. No matter choose which kinds to medication pig scabies mite is ill, should be in before cure suffer from a ministry to reach its all round poodle, divide decontamination dirty and scab skin, with Wen Shui rinse hind uses drug; After using drug first, should removed medicine of 7 days of reoccupy treats 5 ~ 1 times; Treating ill pig with medicine while, mix to ground of piggery, playground, wall appliance of etc of cistern of feeding rack, drink, must use synchronism of the medicine that kill mite to exterminate the bug body in outer shroud condition, prevent a pig to repeat infection only, ability gets result of better prevention and cure.
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