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Lobar ascarid causes case of illness of pig acute death
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1 hair sick condition
Forest buccal county inferior river rural area inferior east village Home Yu Mou raises in April age, 5 feeder pig that weight controls for 45kg, among them 1 is controlled in the 50min after raise is fed about, expression is disturbed, blind dart, companion has vomiting; Then rises urgently to lie urgently, vomiting is aggravating, puke is feed rotten the mixture with blood, fall down to go out to be mixed in great quantities from mouth and rhinal midstream finally have foamy blood and die. The others does not have any clinical pathology 4 times.
The skin after pig of change of 2 analyse check is only dead is cadaverous, the eye did not close, oral cavity has blood, quarrel is reached to catch all round bazoo have bubble sex bloodstain.
The skin did not see haemorrhage spot. Analyse check sees there is a large number of accumulating inside heart antrum blood, the white splash that hepatic surface has size to differ piece. Biliary quantity is very few inside gallbladder, lienal, kidney did not see unusual change; Have inside the stomach a large number of not digestive is fed rotten, mucous membrane is invariant, there are a large number of ascarids to twine twist one case to become a group inside duodenum, length varies in 16 ~ 33cm, mucous membrane has many to manage kitchen range of haemorrhage sex ulcer, feeling bowel wall has a lot of hard tubercle, but the ascarid inside bowel has not create infarction and bore a hole. Layer of flesh of mucous membrane of empty, ileum has cankerous sex tubercle, there is curd appearance embolus inside. Lung surface has bedding face to accumulate spot of dark purple gore. Sliver lung sees tracheal, bronchus reachs his gore of essence of two side lung is serious, lobar surface is touched defeat namely, clot having silt and bubble spill over; The periphery of every alobe of the lung has the focus of button size however, finger is touched hold small bouncy, feel in-house to the stalk red-letter day that has similar rubber exists, from its brim sliver 1.5 ~ 2cm, become bundle of fine white it is thus clear that little bug body. Larval body length all is 0.5 ~ 0.8cm. Careful detached and larval round computation, larval body is little criterion ten, many tens of.
3 labs examine
3.1 carry carefully with cusp forceps take the larger larval put oneself in another's position inside lung blood capillary, glycerine is transparent after the law appears his in the open to manage, its mouth, tail end and genital structure observe below microscope, appraisal is ascarid larva.
3.2 be the same as egg of group of bug of pig excrement and urine to examine to adopt the excrement and urine that is the same as brood of 2 head pigs to make bug egg computation respectively, the method uses Si Tao method. Excrement and urine of two pigs 1g is medium as a result, ascarid egg number is in 3000 above.
4 medicaments diagnose pair of the others that be the same as a nest 4 pigs have worm of drive of fluid of inject of Zun Xuanmi Zun entirely only, (Uniform say to press) of metric drive bug again, result morning uses drug, all pigs all give morrow early morning only ascarid, little criterion a few, many ten.
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