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The quarantine of disease of body of shallow bend talking about a pig reachs pro
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Disease of pig bend body is the infection that the cultivate of a kind of people that by Gongde arched body causes contracts in all, this disease sees at most at the pig, the person can eat the meat that contracts this disease because of scar is contacted or be born kind and come on, accordingly, the quarantine before doing what nod disease of body of shambles pig segment of a circle surely to slaughter and after slaughtering, examine, having crucial sense to ensuring the development of aquaculture and human body health.

The 1 quarantine before slaughtering

Suffer from the pig of disease of pig bend body, body temperature rise is as high as 41 ~ 42 ℃ , appetite decreases or abandon absolutely, snorty, hyperaemia of conjunctiva of cough or breathing difficulty, anaemic, eye, the clinical symptom that is the same as swine fever and swine erysipelas is similar, but there is massive haemorrhage spot on the skin.

2 after slaughtering, examine

Suffer from the flesh of ill pig of disease of acute bend body, bloodletting not complete, systemic skin shows amaranth more, skin of next two ear, cervical, abdomen, limb, coxal, rear has yellow to clarify accumulate fluid.

2.1 lymph node enlargement, callous, basically see Yu Chang fastens velar lymph node, stomach lymph node, liver lymph node, lung lymph node, a bit swollen to the egg big, especially mesentery lymph node, see 3 ~ in the Duan Ke after jejunum is medium commonly 5 or more mesentery lymph node enlargement, callous, dissection from time to tome hard and clear sense, tangent plane shows bricky red or grey red, when acute is affected, all mesentery lymph node pith appearance strut, tangent plane Huang Bai is lubricious, periphery shows scene of color of loess, have a large number of size oozy, there is oedema between around organization.

2.2 liver see chaotic is swollen more commonly, shape bleeds or little place has Yu blood, hepatomegaly becomes fragile, have the yellow white with differ size or hoar necrotic stain.

2.3 lung shrink back not complete, constant hyperaemia, oedema, pledge between outspread, color is ashen, when acute is affected, lobar height hyperaemia, oedema, can have sometimes haemorrhage, necrotic enrage with acting countervail sex swollen, tangent plane has a large number of liquids to pour out of, tracheal and embedded have gules bubble.

When 2.4 lienal acute are affected, constant intumescent 2 ~ 3 times, lubricious brown unreal: Or cherry is red, the hemisphere body with large bead of dry soya bean of exterior Chang Youre is protuberant, tangent plane is ambiguous, see yellow white lubricious necrotic kitchen sometimes.

2.5 kidney see color is redder only commonly, now and then see have chaotic swollen be nodded with a few haemorrhage or haemorrhage spot, see around auricle or coronal shape channel sometimes have haemorrhage place.

3 diagnose

The 3.1 certain pathology change that differentiate the clinical symptom that diagnoses this disease and the pathology change after slaughtering and swine fever, swine erysipelas disease are very similar, because this is in,differentiate when diagnosing, change with splenetic pathology more (exterior Chang Youre does a soya bean most globose and protuberant) , the pathology change that joins other does visit a patient at home to break, do not as promiscuous as swine fever disease, lest by accident examine, also can undertake the lab is diagnosed.
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