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Pig feed salt is toxic
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Salt is the component in cultivate birds feed, have very big effect to keeping organism, it is the material with indispensable organism, if raise is fed undeserved or too much, happen easily toxic, mix with neurosis shape digest it is clinical feature mussily. The salt intake of the pig exceeds every kilogram weight 2.2 grams, have cause toxic dangerous sex. Deadly quantity 100, 250 grams.

One, the pathogeny

1, salt is toxic see more at the pig. The pig ate broken bits of salty fish, bacon, soy, pickles or its bittern, the salt in feed is overmuch.

2, do not feed salt at ordinary times, add suddenly feed salt and did not impose restriction; Mix to salt not all; After giving salt, water little or not water supply.

3, using excess of acerbity natrium of sodium chloride, vitriolic natrium, third, lactic acid natrium.

4, feed hogwash of remnant of incomplete of inferior salty fish meal, restaurant, dish to wait.

2, clinical symptom

Because toxic amount is different, the symptom has have gently heavy. Temperature 38, 40 ℃ , rise 41 ℃ because of convulsion, also some only 36 ℃ , anorexia or disappear, be about to increase yearningly happy event water, make water little or anuresis. Ceaseless sky chews a large number of salivate, Bai Mei, vomiting. Occurrence constipation or next dysentery, blood is carried sometimes in dung. Red strut of tide of oral cavity mucous membrane, some has an abdomen to ache. Abdominal skin empurples, scratchy, muscle quiver; The heartbeat is minutely 100, 120, breath is accelerated, produce rigidity convulsion, hind completely not paralytic or drive is completely paralytic, about 5, 6 days of death. Most acute, excitement runs, muscle quiver, afterwards is good lie insensible, die inside 2 days. Acute, pupil comes loose big, blindness deaf, carelessly all round thing, walk flabby, rush continuously ahead sometimes, meet an obstacle and stop, the head relies on his to go up to struggle ahead, the limb when keep down makes natant motion, have opisthotonos occasionally, sometimes epileptic fit, or make circle motion, or run ahead, 7, 20 minutes break out.

3, pathology changes

Gastric mucous membrane has hyperaemia and haemorrhage sex inflammation and ulcer, gastric bottom is more serious. Small intestine has catarrh sex phlogistic, large intestine content other people is thirsty and conglutinate is on alvine mucous membrane, ileum is remarkable hyperaemia, haemorrhage, be in ulcer more even, hepatomegaly, qualitative fragile, cardiac muscle is lax, have small haemorrhage place, lobar oedema, hyperaemia of mesentery lymph node, haemorrhage, kidney amaranth is intumescent, coating is easy come off, cystic Peng is full, bile is weak yellow, rigor mortis is not complete, blood is caky do not become completely mushy. Bate of encephalemia, oedema, visible grey matter.

4, diagnose

Know medical history, the chloric content in combining change of clinical symptom, pathology, lab to examine content of gastric bowel content (content of content of content of healthy pig stomach is 0.31 % , small intestine is 0.16 % , caecum is 0.1 % , hepatic sodium chloride is 0.17 - 0.28 % ) . Be in at the same time clinical the attention in diagnosing and encephalomyelitis of infectivity of epileptic, pig, pig encephalitis and disease of certain and toxic sex (like terramycin, furazolidone) differentiate.
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