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How to prevent and cure effectively live pig contagion
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In recent years, because hog prices is good, the fluidity of the pig is great, stimulative pathogen travels, cause epidemic disease increase.

According to the pathogeny can reduce 6 kinds big, namely disease of contagion, internal medicine, surgical disease, obstetric disease, verminosis and toxic. To the pig disease should hold to “ to prevent the guiding principle ” that overweight treats, give priority to in order to prevent, cure is complementary. In numerous pig disease, produce menace to raising a pig with the contagion of the pig the biggest.

Current, microbial transmission way basically has the cause of disease of the pig: Respiratory tract travels: Pathogen outside the flying foam as ill pig cough, sneeze and expiratory eduction body, healthy pig engulf after these pathogen and cause infect, wait like swine enzootic pneumonia, grippe; Enteron infects: A lot of pathogen are as the pig eat feed, water and arch earth enter system inside, wait like swine fever; Cut infects: When the skin or mucous membrane are defeated, pathogen is invaded by cut, wait like tetanic, swine erysipelas; Reproductive path infects: According to legend of the each other when some boar or sow hybridization is caught, epidemic of the infectivity that be like a pig; The insect carries infect: If the insect suction blood such as mosquito, pedicular, flea travels, if the pig adds disease of body of red blood cell,wait.

Taking close epidemic prevention step is the important segment of disease of pig of prevention and cure, especially those harm sexes are big group come on, like paratyphoid of pig of epidemic disease of lung of swine fever, swine erysipelas, pig, young and verminosis (arched body disease, add disease of body of red blood cell) . Concrete step has the following sides:

One, build rigid scientific vaccinate system, this is the significant step with precautionary pig all in all contagion. The program of epidemic prevention have an inoculation of the pig, should according to local pig disease popular circumstance science is made, groovy immunization program is:

The 20 ~ after young pig is unripe 25 day age, first immune swine fever; 40 ~ 50 day age, paratyphoid of immune young pig; 60 ~ 70 day age, epidemic disease of lung of immune swine fever, swine erysipelas, pig (triplex seedling) ; After young pig ablactations, fatten pig no longer vaccinal immunity. Additional, be in area of swine fever popularity, can adopt lead immunity. The method is: Do not give after piggy is unripe eat suckle first, vaccine of inject swine fever is nursed again after half hour.

Fair sow a year of two second have an inoculation are triplex seedling () of epidemic disease of lung of swine fever, swine erysipelas, pig, be in namely in March, in September each. The sow should be in nonpregnant period is vaccinal.

2, cut off epidemic disease to spread a way, want to insist to accomplish the following: Build the swinery that do not have disease, implementation from numerous raise oneself, fat pig should be accomplished enter completely go out completely, piggery Qing Dynasty clears away poison reentry is new one week later pig.
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