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The diagnosis of pig lung epidemic disease and prevention and cure
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The near future area of northeastern, Heibei all appears to father with ministry of neck of child care pig heavy water is swollen, the breath before dying is hurried a kind of disease that is main symptom, the spot with respect to this disease diagnoses the article to give with circumstance of prevention and cure summary, offer reference of person of the same trade only.

Send ill case

Come on the pig all is what just issued obstetric table to break breasts pig only, 15 kilogram control average weight. After issueing obstetric table 2 days, begin to come on in succession, medicine of the amine that use sulphur and effect of green streptomycin therapy not beautiful. When seeing a doctor, already died 1; The others pig breathes difficulty only, dehisce pants, pour out of liquid of gules bubble appearance nasally, mental depressed, walk flabby, refus is fed slow-witted stand, the skin is cadaverous, individual pig is only auditive color is scarlet, severe heavy water of cervical abdomen side is swollen, have gore spot. Clinical examination, ill pig temperature is elevatory 40 ℃ ~ 42 ℃ , guttural ministry produces acute strut, height breathes difficulty, individual pig mouth, eye, mucous membrane shows amaranth, the skin of the place such as root of celiac side, ear and limb inside sees erythema, point to pressure fade, strut of joint of hind leg instep.

Analyse check pathological changes

Connective tissue of incision pharynx laryngeal sees glue sex content and flaxen liquid soak; There is damask bubble liquid to pour out of in nostril and oral cavity, subcutaneous tissue gives existing haemorrhage to nod, strut of systemic lymph node bleeds, pledge between lung oedema, exterior lid has exudation of sex of a serous fibrin, the side outside department of state of pericardium film coronal has thing of jelly appearance oedema, enteron mucous membrane bleeds, below neck of abdomen, bosom, ear root and limb inside Mao Shaochu have gules spot, thorax and pericardium have accumulation of phlogistic sex exudation.


Take the ill stuff such as fluid of liver, lienal, lung, thorax or celiac fluid, make paint piece, use check of the lens after coloring of alkalescent beauty orchid fluid, all have a large number of polar caught small bacili it is thus clear that; Combine pathological changes of check of clinical symptom, analyse and lab examination at the same time can diagnose is kill a gender more cling to infection of family name bacili.

Kind disease is differentiated should disease of as pneumonic as pleura of infectivity of acute pharynx and larynx anthrax, pig, asthma differentiate.

Jaw of main enroach on issues pharynx and larynx of acute pharynx and larynx anthrax anthrax, the lymph node before pharynx hind and neck, and lung does not have apparent inflammation pathological change. Most the guttural ministry strut of epidemic disease of acute pig lung is the haemorrhage sex that the organization reachs subcutaneous tissue all round guttural ministry serous sex inflammation, lung has the pathological change such as acute lung oedema.
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