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The prevention and cure of pig lung epidemic disease
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Common of pig lung epidemic disease says the pig goes out be defeated, the clear water disease, disease that lock up larynx, swollen neck disease, department by cling to family name bacili causes disease, parasitism of this kind of bacteria is in respiratory tract. Change suddenly when climate, raise management bad, hidebound, the pig got other disease, at this moment the bacteria grows in great quantities progenitive, poisonous force increases, cause come on, it is common disease and one of frequently-occurring disease. The haemorrhage sex inflammation that often defeats blood and constituent organ with acute is a feature. The preclinical acute of pig lung epidemic disease is 1, 3 days, it is chronically 7, 15 days.
1, temperature rise of body of semiotic ill pig is as high as 41, 42 ℃ , quiver lethargy, spirit is exhausted, decrease feed or gastric disorder, water number increase. Buccal bazoo is dry, pour out of mucous, hair color thick chaos, walk hard. Head pharynx and larynx and cervical one height is hot, aglow, strut, hard. Up outspread can amount to ear root. The occurrence erythema such as inside of celiac side, limb is nodded, some becomes repeatedly. Often show sign of canine sitting position, defecate doing is like abacus bead forcedly, carry alvine wall and blood sometimes.
2, precaution has pig lung epidemic disease to the pig regularly seedling of hydroted alumina formaldehyde prevents inject every year 1, 2. Strengthen science to raise management, enhance power of human body disease-resistant. Disinfect a circle to abandon with 20% milk of lime and solution of 2% caustic soda regularly.
3, cure
1. With penicillin or streptomycin 800 thousand unit, add aminopyrine of medicine made of two or more ingredients 10, 20 milliliter, mixture intramuscular injection, daily 2 piggy 1, in pig 2, big pig (50 kilogram) 3.
2. With fluid of inject of natrium of thiazole of 20% sulphur ammonium, piggy 5, 10 milliliter, big pig 10, 20 milliliter.
3. String together with grass of rough gentian grass, cordate houttuynia, colter, purslane, fish autumn, each 5 money such as leaf of orange of leaf of pieplant of ear of plantain, self-heal, ox, ash, honeysuckle, decoct juice is fed take, have the effect of clear hot detoxify.
4. With Chinese traditional medicine Huang Bai, Huang Qin, pieplant each 3 money, cape jasmine, the root of Chinese thorowax, blackberry lily, suffering joins each 5 fund, add licorice 3 money, decoct juice fill is taken, advantageous larynx, clear lung, detoxify studies the favorable effect of pig lung epidemic disease.
5. Acupuncture with revive gas, lung heals, acupuncture point is given priority to in breaking larynx of blood, lock, the smell of mutton, all have fine effect.