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The pig adds the reason that red body disease breaks out repeatedly and remedial
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The adds disease of body of red blood cell to happen at burning hot, moisture more summer of the pig, the bug of 蜫 suction blood such as mite of cootie of midge, fly, tick, pig, scabies can spread this disease, appliance of contaminative pinhead, hybridization also can travel. This disease shows local epidemic, see more with sow and young pig, when because swinery raises misgovern, the environment defends unripe condition to differ, hidebound and encounter big when should stimulating an element easy happening this is ill. This is ill also Chang Jifa wait at disease of swine fever, La Er, because this should do the immune work of the contagion such as good swine fever at ordinary times, strengthen a pig raise management, raise feeds total value formula feed, do well the environment is wholesome, avoid to answer greatly stimulate. Once the pig comes on only,should take step of comprehensive prophylaxis and treatment.

Concrete step:

1. ill pig is seasonable segregation, cure. With medicine: Hematic bug is clean 5 - 7 milligram / kilogram, medicine made of two or more ingredients 914

10 - 15 milligram / kilogram weight, 3 days inject, use consecutively 2 - 3.

2. Terramycin or tetracycline 5 milligram / kilogram weight intramuscular injection everyday, use consecutively 3 days.

3. suffers minatory pig to undertake only to other preventive deliver drug

With medicine (1) 0.1 % terramycin pink mixes makings, feed repeatedly 2 - 3 weeks

(2) A comes loose acerbity 0.02 % mix makings, feed 1 week repeatedly, halve raise feeds 3 weeks after.

4. drive kills cootie of midge, fly, tick, pig, scabies hematic insect is sucked outside the body such as mite, (the main transmission agency that insect suction blood is this disease) .
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