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The main countermeasure that the pig has a fever
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The pig temperature of fatten period is not very tall, be in 39 degrees commonly, but swarm behaves excrement and urine to deliver dry, make water little, accompanying anorexia phenomenon, individual situation has costive happening, what disease is this excuse me? The growth that how should we prevent or how should we prevent or improves a pig speed?

Answer: This problem also is to refer more case recently, but the case above Chan Ping has diagnose very hard, the specific observation that passes the spot even, anatomize and the diagnose of lab depart ability of pathogen. Mere with respect to the main show above the likelihood is the expression with some kind of preclinical chronic, if do not strengthen cure, can bring bigger loss later. Our main proposal is as follows, the hope gives broad breed aquatics door in order to help. Should reduce excrement and urine above all dry the degree with constipation, strengthen the maintenance of watering trough, prevent to bet a place of strategic importance to cause lack water, round-the-clock want those who supply enough cleanness to water, the compound vitamin that had better add water-solubility in water (beautiful dimension element) the decrease and causes nutrition that will because collect appetite,complement absorbs inadequacy; Adjust the recipe of feed even, prevent crude fibre exorbitant, reduce the use amount of bran and rice bran appropriately, those who achieve nutrition is balanced; Adjust raised density, enough space has free movement, prevent to collect feed not all, cause indigestion. To main measure of constipation, general and commonly used lukewarm suds clyster or salt of fluid infusion of use profess to convinced (bicarbonate natrium, sodium chloride, bicarbonate Potassium, dextrose) to be taken orally, every everyday 20g left and right sides, not only can bravery of clear hot advantage, aperient, still can divide irritated be good at stomach; Serious to comparing individual and OK profess to convinced is vitriolic magnesian (vitriolic natrium) artificial perhaps oil kind cathartic undertake cathartic, use Chinese rhubarb soda next piece undertake with small zoology preparation be good at stomach is mixed adjust gastric bowel to microbial bacterium group dynamic balance, raise feed change rate.

Above these basically are to adjust, also want to undertake precautionary to the disease additionally. The Chinese traditional medicine that Libaweilin adds to perhaps contain the part such as polysaccharide of the root of remembranous milk vetch in feed preparation defeats poison to come loose like clear acute communicable diseases etc, disease-resistant poison restrains the breed of virus, enrich the blood the strength that filling gas increases airframe, the wide chart antibiotic such as 6 armour or sulphanilamide pyrimidine can prevent recombine use sulphanilamide the happening of major bacterial disease. Slight to having fever is behaved, the individual inject that serious refus feeds double chloric fragrance acid natrium, penicillin, streptomycin and rice of ground a place of strategic importance are loose, everyday two, use consecutively 3 -- 5 days, major pig all can return to normal collect feed an activity.
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