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The summer bewares the pig adds disease of body of red blood cell
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Adding system of red blood cell is cultivate of a kind of person in all sicken, infection pig, can arrogant, sheep and Ma Shu animal and cat, hare, chicken, dog, the mankind also can be affected, but mutual each have kind of property, the blood disease of a kind of infectivity that if the pig adds disease of body of red blood cell,adds parasitism of body of red blood cell to be caused at surface of red blood cell by the pig namely. The pig adds disease of body of red blood cell to be shown more recessive, and often mix infection with the frequently-occurring disease of the pig, common disease, bring about breeder and vet to allow very hard to be diagnosed truly, cause by accident examine, bring about an illness to be controlled hard and break out, to raise breed door to bring very big pecuniary loss. Because pig high fever is ill 2006,raised pig industry production to cause very big loss to our country, current, a lot of hoggery (door) send disease sex high to the pig La Er is ill (namely high fever is ill) already strengthened prevent accuse. But when the summer comes, prevent to what the pig adds disease of body of red blood cell accuse to also cannot overlook. For this, the author passes hoggery of in-house to area under administration cent (door) undertake visitting investigating, combine ill to this understanding and cure to undertake summarizing, discuss in order to offer everybody jointly.

Popular characteristic

The pig adds disease of body of red blood cell (disease of icteric sex anaemia, red skin disease) be by add parasitism of body of red blood cell the surface of red blood cell in cattle blood or plasma are medium and the disease of sex of a kind of hemolysis that cause. It is a feature with anaemic, icteric, high fever. This disease basically happens at warm season, summerly fall comes on more, especially rainy later come on the most easily, often show local epidemic. Affecting a pig to introduce easy feeling swinery is one of main reasons of a disease happening, the pig adds disease of body of red blood cell to be able to happen at the pig of all sorts of ages, but good with young pig and the way corp is growing growth fatten pig mortality is tall, can amount to 80%~90% sometimes. Sicken pig and recessive infection pig are important infect a source, insect suction blood (if prick tick of ﹑ of fly ﹑ mosquito to wait) , mite bug ﹑ is pedicular the main transmission agency that is this disease; The Xia Qiu that the surgical operation appliance with lax disinfection and inject can cause mechanical sex to transmit; to happen at sucking hematic insect to breed in great quantities more with syringe needle is seasonal; Be like,should stimulate an element: Line-haul ﹑ raises management undesirable ﹑ climate is harsh the circumstance such as ﹑ chill or other disease infection can make recessive infection pig comes on; The sow is affected through placenta perpendicular infect young pig; Fair sow travels each other when hybridization.

Cause of disease

Customarily, people adds the pig body of red blood cell to call haemal helminth, actually, this cause of disease overcomes body of second family name to stand, size is 0.8 micron ~ 2.5 micron, show polymorphous sex, majority is annular, globose or egg circle, minority submits form of a slight-pause mark used to set off items in a series or lever form. Add red body to be in more surface of red blood cell individual or the parasitism that become a group, submit chain certificate or scale form, also have free position is assumed in plasma. On smear of blood of colored of Sa of female singer Mu, pathogen shows reddish or weak amaranth. Add body of red blood cell to be opposite dry lose with chemical disinfectant resistance, but strong to the resistance of microtherm, general disappear bane all can kill cause of disease, if pathogen is in the carbolic acid solution of 0.5% ,37 ℃ can be exterminated 3 hours, 5 ℃ can save 15 days, can survive 31 days in freezing blood.
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