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Raise the bacterial sex disease that cannot overlook in hog production
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On the current production that raise a pig, because get the misdirect of the expert of certain be blinded by gain, a lot of hoggery are addlebrained not clear, what to the vaccinal precaution of bacterial sex disease the job does is quite poor, use antibiotic is added long-term and in great quantities to undertake medicaments prevents in feed, even some aborning is uninterrupted use antibiotic almost, cause the addition of the cost that raise a pig not only, and much medical damage also caused very great harm to the health of the pig, partial field forms the habit like raising a fryer even, exorbitant relies on medicaments to raise a pig, feed and the medicaments in watering are added dare not stop at all, stop medicine to come on, always complain expenses for medicine is tall, the pig is raised hard. Actually, a lot of kinds of bacterial sex diseases that often send can have effective precaution through vaccination, be like: Epidemic disease of lung of swine erysipelas, pig, pig streptococcic, pig coliform organisms. And the comparison of streptococcic ill expression of home is at present outstanding, and show ascendant trend.

The pig is streptococcic disease is current bigger to raising a pig to produce a harm bacterial sex disease, since Sichuan saves streptococcic disease to break out, streptococcic disease is endangering the production that raise a pig all the time, accordingly ill casualties rate is not too high, the loss that to raising a pig production causes is not quite apparent, did not cause all the time after streptococcic incident appeases Sichuan broad the attention of the person that raise a pig, bring about production to go up from time to time because of,appear streptococcic the ill pig that cause, ill pig basically has arthritis model, urgent chronic encephalitis, defeat happening of courage and uprightness in order to show more, can lose first-rate not in time to treat an opportunity like discovery or cure, increase remedial cost and casualties, to raising a pig production causes the pecuniary loss that cannot underestimate easily again however. This disease all has in countrywide each district happen, blame with the Yangtse River with south reach air humidity larger area is relatively serious, north is relatively common also in damp environment. The pig is streptococcic disease is defeat disease of courage and uprightness by what bacterium of appearance of a few kinds of hammer causes, bacterial source reachs put oneself in another's position of pig of in spite of illness in environment of extensive consist in inside watch and body, basically pass skin cut or respiratory tract infection. This disease has all the year round happen, come on the pig is general with 10-90 day age is in the majority, serious field mother swinery also has occasionally happen, come on the height is given priority to with warm and damp period more, although incidence of a disease is not high, but keep clear of very hard from inside swinery, incidence of a disease is in commonly 4% the left and right sides, tall can amount to 10% above.
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