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Pig of Chinese general summer (graph)
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Net of Chinese seedling pig - picture of young piglet pig Net of Chinese seedling pig - picture of young piglet pig

Han Puxia pigBelong to breed of lean lean pig. Produce British southern part formerly, become by American seed selection. Pig of Chinese general summer has unique wool lubricious feature, white is with foreleg ministry after, other position is black, what silver takes a pig say.

One, breed feature

Basically be black all over, humeral ministry has a leucorrhoea to surround to forelimb, common weighs white shoulder (belt) pig. Head size moderate, face is straight, ear up erect, in human body is wider, back waist is dumpy, body human body is compact, show vaulted. The back is the longest the human body after flesh is mixed is hefty.

  2, manufacturing function

Arrive from 25.6 kilogram weightening finish of 97.6 kilogram day 697 grams, feed utilization rate 2.95. Weight pig of 91.7 kilogram fatten 6, average fat is thick 1.76 centimeters, eye flesh area 28.7 square centimeter, body lean lean is led 60.7% . Body quality is good. Average kitten counts the sow 9, but young pig large is strong and even, maternity is good. Body lean lean leads 65% above. Cross form a complete set can use as in manufacturing system terminal male parent, also can make female parent.

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