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Long white pig (graph)
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Net of Chinese seedling pig - picture of pig of long white young animal Net of Chinese seedling pig - picture of pig of long white young animal

Grow white pigYuan Minglan De Ruisi pig, originate in Denmark formerly, it is world-renowned lean lean pig is planted. By introduce early or late, long white pig can be divided fasten for Ying Rui (namely old 3 departments) fasten with Denmark (new 3 departments) . It is our country introduces most foreign pig to plant at present. Long white pig has litter number is more, grow growth is rapid, province feed, rate of body lean lean is high, but fight the difference that go against a gender, advanced to feed nutrition requirement characteristic. Main component is raised the province waits in Zhejiang, Henan, Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong and Heibei.

   One, bodily form appearance

Whole body of long white pig is shown by wool white, the head is small comely, face is flat. Ear is made the same score to pitch extend issue big-eared slightly. Ham and whole hind human body muscle is plump, hoof is qualitative solid, before body human body narrow fierce show clipper-built. Body human body is chief, have 16 pairs of rib, all over by wool white. Tit 6 ~ 7 pairs.

   2, manufacturing function

Long white pig grows rate is rapid, butcher rate is high, massacre body is longer, rate of body lean lean is high. According to determining, weight 72.28 ㎏ of 30.7 ~ level, 731g of day weightening finish, compound of bad news of every kilograms of weightening finish 3.38 ㎏, blue material 0.97 ㎏; 46.48MJ of amount to digestible energy. Butcher is led 71.66% . Determine according to Denmark, 793g of day weightening finish, stuff is heavy than 2.68 ∶ 1, body lean lean is led 65.3% . Each district does male parent and this locality sow to begin n duality or 3 yuan of cross with long white pig, all have better cross effect. Day weightening finish raises 10% ~ than this locality pig 26% , lean lean rate increases 5% ~ 8% . Maturity of sex of long white pig is later, in June age begin occurrence sexual behavior, age body hefted 9 ~ in October 120 ㎏ left and right sides begins hybridization. Sow kitten is produced to count 10 ~ first 11, count 11 ~ via producing sow kitten 12.