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Pig of fine miscellaneous seedling introduces (graph)
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Net of Chinese seedling pig - picture of young piglet pig

The area in main distributinging Yuhua. All over by Mao Quanbai, light, straight long, two ear pitch or a bit flagging, back waist is flat, in human body is longer, the stomach is little, leg arm is plump, limb hoof is strong, effective tit 12 above. Grown boar weight 250 - 300 kilograms, sow weight 200 - 250 kilograms. It is good that this breed has lean lean to lead tall, flesh to pledge, grow development is fast, progenitive performance is good wait for a characteristic. In June age boar weight amounts to 90 kilograms; 25 - 90 kilograms of level are average day weightening finish 0.6 - 0.65 kilograms, makings flesh compares 3.5:lThe following, amount to 90 kilograms of weight to be 180 day age, the sow is produced at the beginning of kitten number for 9. 5 - 10. 5, via producing a sow 12 above, with Hubei white pig is cross of female parent and Du Luo gram and Han Puxia pig to all have better coordinate force, special as apparent as effect of cross of pig of Du Luo gram. Prevent pig of fattening of generation of X lake hybrid strain 20 - phase of 90 kilograms of weight, day weightening finish 0. 65 - 0. 75 kilograms, hybrid strain advantage leads 10 % , makings flesh is compared 3. 1 - 3. 3: 1, body lean lean leads 62 % above. It is the admirable female parent that begins cross to use.