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Pig of 3 yuan of seedlings (picture)
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Picture of pig of piglet of 3 yuan of youngs

1. binary cross is outside pointing to, plant boar and outside kind sow or outside kind of boar and this locality sow copulatory, gotten generation hybrid pig. Choose binary cross place the generation cross sow that stay, the boar with the 3rd breed is copulatory weigh 3 yuan of cross.

Pig of 3 yuan of cross is to show the boar that uses the 3rd variety and binary cross place choose the generation cross sow that stay copulatory, gotten 2 acting crossbred pigs. (Be like: Be afraid that deputy? of  of Zhai of Jian Si  grows white boar and cross of become known sow to choose the cross sow that stay to undertake for female parent copulatory, get prevent grown 2 acting crossbred pigs are 3 yuan of pigs)

2. 3 yuan of cross Namely 3 breed cross. It is the sow becomes gets two breed cross generation bastard the upper part of the body, undertake cross with boar of the 2nd breed again as sow of the 2nd mother, call 3 yuan of cross. It is good that 3 yuan of crosses compare binary cross result commonly, can make full use of generation cross sow. Can make full use of again crossbred advantage, raise lean lean rate, can solve again plant formerly the contradiction with insufficient sow. For example

Grow ♂ × civilian ♀

Grow civilian ♂ + to grow civilian ♀
(all fatten (anthology stay admirable and individual do the 2nd female parent) ♂ of summer of × big York (the 2nd male parent)

Long make an appointment with civilian crossbred (all fatten)

At present we are in practice of manufacturing commodity lean lean pig, use 3 yuan of cross more, can make full use of because of 3 yuan of cross local sow adaptability is strong, be able to bear or endure thick raise, kitten is much, the dominant position with good maternity, can make full use of again boar of admirable lean lean place grows fast, good, lean lean leads fatten result tall characteristic, can the rapidder lean lean rate that raises commodity pig.

The breed plan that at present home uses 3. the most extensively is A× (B×C) , a is terminal boar, b is maternal male parent, c is maternal female parent, among them A is overcome for Du Luo more, b is long white pig more, c is become known pig more. Below a lot of circumstances, BC is OK also crossing-over. There are more than 500 to plant in China at present pig farm can offer Du Luo to overcome, become known pig and long white pig, in other country also be such, these planting pig farm can offer sow of blooded or binary cross, its gene quality and healthy state each are different. A lot of scholars say be blooded system or call corresponding commodity pig 3 yuan of pigs.