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Pig lean lean strain (graph)
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Net of Chinese seedling pig - young pig

New strain of pig of Chinese lean lean this strain seed selection is 75 ” of our country “ , “ 85 ” nation is major science and technology tackles key problem project. This strain has 4 patrilineal, 5 maternal. Male parent new strain basically is to introducing the pig is planted (become known pig, Du Luo gram, long white pig) in our country existence condition (climate, raise, management) below, undertook swarm afterwards acting seed selection, the attention maintains these pigs to plant growing speed. Lean lean leads the good point that waits for character respect, be in at the same time limb hoof is hale gender, fight should stimulate the respect such as ability, progenitive function to undertake choosing. Rate of lean lean of body of new strain bosom had the male parent after seed selection to rise apparently, raise 62.24 % by 60.6 % , day of 90 kilograms of weight age all by after be born shorten 175 days for 160 days of less than, makings of bad news of every kilograms of weightening finish drops by 3 kilograms for 2. 8 kilograms. Female parent new strain, advocate if use the kitten number with our country thoroughbred place,much, flesh has pledged wait for character. The number of kitten of new strain of 5 female parent after seed selection is amounted to 12.5 - 15.67, 172 days of age body heft 90 kilograms, rate of body lean lean is amounted to 54. 31 % - 61. 08 % . The average check that miscellaneous actor combines produces lean lean quantity to amount to 475. 5 kilograms, amount to the advanced level of domestic and international congener research. Kind pig promotion face pervades 20 many provinces of countrywide, city, area

Lean lean of pig of prosperous of flourish of lean lean of flourish prosperous pig strain strain is “ 85 ” of 75 ” , “ project of scientific research of stress of Ministry of Agriculture. This strain is to be on foundation of seed selection of pig of former flourish prosperous, guide appropriately closedown of blood of long white pig, swinery, afterwards acting seed selection, pledge in the wool quality that maintains pig of former flourish prosperous, flesh on the foundation of good character, the key raises lean lean rate, raise feed to sign up for respond with a poem to grow appropriately speed, this strain whole body by wool white, the head has shading (for lubricious feature of wool of Yuan Rongchang pig) , the mouth simply, medium long, ear is medium a bit big, flagging, head size moderate, back waist is flat, hind human body is plump. Limb is taller and strong, effective tit 6 pairs of above. Progenitive function and flourish prosperous pig are similar, classics kitten is counted 12. 74, ablactation the nest weighs 128 kilograms, amount to 90 kilograms of weight day age is 180. 7 days, 20 - weightening finish of day of 90 kilograms of phase 0.635 kilograms. Makings flesh is compared 3. 25: 1, lean lean is led 56. 43 % , index of each main economy character and pig of former flourish prosperous are compared, raise 25 % - 63 % , and the trait that retained local pig to plant is characteristic. This department adaptability can be better, already waited for province city to obtain considerable economic benefits in Sichuan, Beijing, Hainan, Gansu Province now
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