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Pi Telan pig (graph)
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Pi Telan pigThe cloth that originates in Belgium formerly pulls side spy province, it is by French Bei Xie the Berkshire of cross pig and England undertakes backcross, become with Yo of cross of become known pig again next. Main characteristic is lean lean rate is high, hind drive and double shoulder muscle are plump.

   One, bodily form appearance

Color of hair of Pi Telan pig shows hoar and contain irregular deep black stain, now and then appear a few brown hair. The head is comely, face is flat, the mouth is big and straight, binaural appreciably is forward; Body drive is shown cylindrical, abdomen is parallel at back, humeral ministry muscle is plump, the back is straight and wide. Body length 1.5 ~ 1.6 meters.

   2, manufacturing function

1, fattening function: It is better to be in raise a condition to fall, pi Telan pig grows rapid, in June age weight can amount to 90 ~ 100 kilograms. 750 grams control day weightening finish, every kilograms of weightening finish uses up formula feed 2.5 ~ 2.6 kilograms, butcher is led 76% , lean lean rate can be as high as 70% .

2, progenitive function: Once boar achieves a gender to mature to have stronger sexual desire, the attune that collect energy teachs can succeed commonly, ejaculation measures 250 ~ 300 milliliter, spermatozoon counts every milliliter to amount to 300 million. Sow maternity breed of no less than our country place, young pig Yo is become rate in 92%-98% . Of the sow affection period is in commonly first 190 day age, oestrus is periodic 18 ~ 21 days, every embryo produces son to count 10 or so, cub yield work counts 9 or so.

   3, cross is used

As a result of Pitelan the pig produces fleshy property tall, multi-purpose do male parent to undertake n duality or 3 yuan of cross. With Pitelan boar matchs white pig of before last sea (farming department) , its the day weightening finish of fatten period can amount to yuan of two crossbred pigs 650 grams, weight 90 kilograms of butcher, rate of its body lean lean is amounted to 65% ; Pi Telan boar matchs plum hill sow, fatten of pig of hybrid of its n duality period day weightening finish 685 grams, feed utilization rate is 2.88:1, weight 90 kilograms of butcher, rate of body lean lean can be amounted to 54% the left and right sides. With Pitelan boar deserves to grow × to go up (long white pig matchs Shanghai white pig) cross sow, thirdly yuan crossbred pig fatten 730 grams control period day weightening finish, feed utilization rate is 2.99:1, body lean lean is led 65% the left and right sides.
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