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Big York pig (graph)
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Big Yorkshire, call become known the pig again (Large White or Yorkshire) , become in British Yo at 18 centuries, it is world-renowned lean lean pig is planted. After introducing our country, the course breeds domestication for years, already had better adaptability. Basically use as in system of production of cross form a complete set maternal, also can use as patrilineal. Big Yorkshire is had grow fast, feed utilization rate is high, kitten is more, body lean lean leads advanced characteristic.

   One, bodily form feature

Big Yorkshire constitution is big, bodily form is well-balanced. Ear is erect, bazoo is straight, carry lumbar small bow on the back, limb is longer, neck is longer, the face is small sunken, body drive is long, all over by wool white, friend calls become known the pig. Grown boar weight 300 kilogram of 250 ~ , grown sow weight 250 kilogram of 230 ~ .

   2, manufacturing function

1, fatten function: Weightening finish rate is rapid, province feed, be born June age weight can amount to 100 kilogram left and right sides. Nutrition is good, freedom collects the condition that feed to fall, day weightening finish can amount to 700 grams left and right sides. Every kilogram weightening finish uses up formula feed 3 kilogram left and right sides. The butcher when 90 kilogram leads weight 71% ~ 73% , lean lean leads 60% ~ 65% .

2, progenitive function: Count 11 via producing sow kitten, tit 7 pairs of above, 8.5 ~ in October age begin hybridization