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Suzhou dialect pig (graph)
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Picture of young piglet pig

Pig of Russia become known, pig of abbreviation Suzhou dialect, fasten 19 centuries the 70 become known pigs that input from England to 80 time, via long-term domestication and seed selection, included Russia country variety 1925, 1923 ~ Russia introduced become known pig 5 times from England early or late again 1931, undertook to Suzhou dialect pig consanguineous newer.
   Suzhou dialect pigIt is to hold concurrently with model constitution of pig of breed Suzhou dialect is big, the constitution is hale, adaptability is strong, kitten is much, grow fast, cross effect is good. In nutrient level inferior condition falls, than other if grow summer of white, York, Bakexia to wait for day of weightening finish to be able to raise 10% ~ ,introduce variety 15% . Since of Suzhou dialect pig an admirable male parent breed, it is an admirable female parent breed.

   Progenitive function: Boar in April age, sow 6 ~ July age when the gender is mature, be in commonly 8 ~ in October age, sow weight 90 ~ 10O kilogram with boar 100 ~ 120 kilograms when match first. Sow oestrus cycle is 19 days on average, oestrus lasts period 2 ~ 5 days, gestation 114 days, oestrus of postpartum first time is in more 45 ~ 60 days. The breed with appropriate sow uses fixed number of year 2 ~ is 5 years old, 2 ~ is 3 boar years old. Occupy pair of classics to produce a sow (1393 broods) statistic, average kitten counts 12.26, force of breast of 20 days of secrete 49.15 kilograms, 60 day age break lacteal nest to weigh 127.81 kilograms, pig of the young that break breast is individual weigh 14.96 kilograms.

   Fattening function: The pig is in Suzhou dialect to raise a condition to fall commonly, the day weightening finish of fattening period is in 500 grams above, tall person amount to 597 grams. Bad news of every kilograms of weightening finish mixes product 3.01 ~ 4 kilograms. Butcher is comfortable period 6 ~ August age. According to determining, fattening pig is average weight 95.62 kilograms, butcher is led 73.55% , the fat between 7 costal region of the 6th ~ is thick 4.22 centimeters, ketone body length 79.94 centimeters, eye flesh area 30.06 square centimeter, leg buttock scale 28.01% , lean lean is led 49.25% .