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Du Luo overcomes the introduction (graph)
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Du Luo overcomes a pig to originate in the new jersey of American the eastpart part and and other places of new York city formerly. Home is mixed by the country such as the United States, Canada, Hungarian, Japan and Chinese Taiwan early or late the area introduces this pig, already pervaded now the whole nation. Du Luo overcomes the biggest characteristic is, the body is hale, doughty, be able to bear or endure rough performance is strong, it is the breed of an extremely rich vitality. Grow fast, feed utilization rate is high. The defect of this breed is progenitive force not quite tall, maternity is poor, “ body produces the pulp the amount is a bit small, between muscle adipose content on the high side.

   One, bodily form appearance

Be shown by wool all over palm is gules, body human body is lofty, brawny and strong, systemic muscle is plump and flowing, hind human body muscle is special develop, the head is lesser, face is small sunken, grow nasally straight, size waits in ear, to pitch, ear needle bends a bit, the bosom is wide and deep, back waist is shown slightly vaulted, celiac line is flat, arms and legs is sturdy, hoof black.

  2, manufacturing function

Du Luo is overcome is to grow the pig with the rapiddest growth is planted, fattening period is average day weightening finish 750 grams above, makings flesh compares ∶ of 2.5 ~ 3.O 1. Rate of body lean lean is in 60% above, butcher rate is 75% , grown boar weight is 340 ~ 450 kilogram, sow 390 kilogram of 300 ~ . Sow kitten is produced first 9 or so, via producing sow kitten 10 are controlled. Maternal instinct is stronger, yo is become rate is high.

   3, cross effect

Because Du Luo overcomes a pig to have weightening finish fast, feed pay is high (expect fleshy comparing is 2.8 ~ 3.2 ∶ 1) , body character big, lean lean leads area of flesh of good, eye advanced advantage, and in progenitive performance side some poorer. Reason is being planted with other pig when cross, often serve as male parent, in order to achieve increase production lean lean and the goal that raise number of high yield young.

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