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How to prevent and cure winter swine flu
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Swine flu is swine flu virus and pig two kinds of pathogen cooperate bloodsucking bacili to use jointly and cause, it is a kind of acute, hot sex, height osculatory sex contagion. Its feature is abruptCome on, travel quickly, often 2 ~ affect 3 days complete group. See Yu Chudong or early spring weather change suddenly or wet Leng Tian is enraged more commonly. Raise misgovern, the circle abandons dark moisture or long-distance traffic causes pig system feeble, resistance is reduced and invade by air cooling etc, all be the inducement that causes disease. Young pig relatively send more into the pig, be in a bad way person the influence grows development, if not seasonableCureCause death possibly also.

, main symptom

Temperature can rise to 40 ℃ ~ 41 ℃ , tall can amount to 43 ℃ ; Mental depressed is exhausted, food decreases or gastric disorder, excrement and urine is dry, uric little quality is great; Limb muscle and joint are aching, chang Wo ground does not rise, walk game abduct; Eye conjunctiva tide is red, weep; Hyperaemia of nose mucous membrane, tide is red, have secretion; Breath is hurried, have cramped feeling, show abdominal, have clonic cough, sneeze. Serious defect pig, limb wead and limp, still can appear bronchitic, pneumonic or gastroenteritis, even convulsions dies. Minority suffers from a pig to still do not think food after temperature returns to normal, durative cough, turn deadlocked into the pig later. Once produce swine flu, should furnish to contain the viridescence with much nutrition to expect juicily partly above all, find out ill pig and doubtful disease pig in time, keep apart cure. Additional, piggery, appliance applies disinfection of 20% caustic soda, excrement and urine wants accumulation to send alcohol. Should accomplish piggery clean, dry, the attention is ventilated, water want cleanness, tapeworm of fixed drive pig, eliminate the earthworm all round piggery, infect in caseDisease.

2, remedial method

1, Western medicine cure. Antifebrile is used at the beginning of ① disease, be like fluid of inject of 10% compound aminopyrine 20 milliliter of 5 ~ , 10 milliliter of ~ of 5 of fluid of 30% analgin inject or clear hot alexipharmic liquid preferment choosing of 40 fine long hair makes 20 ~ one kind intramuscular injection; Every months of 1 ~ 2. ② aspirin 2 ~ 5 grams to be taken orally, every months 2. ③ sulphanilamide pyrimidine, bicarbonate natrium 6 grams of each 3 ~ fill is taken, every months 2. ④ affects intramuscular injection penicillin and streptomycin to wait to prevent to erupt simultaneously.
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