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Pathogeny of furry animal prolapse of the anus and cure
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Prolapse of the anus calls anal rectum prolapse again, it is canal pointing to bowel and anus of rectum evaginate emergence outside.
Reason: Congenital development is undesirable; Celiac pressure increases for a long time (if constipation, defecate exerts oneself to do sth. , the dysentery below cough, stubborn sex) ; Long-term hidebound, the constitution is frail. Additional, raise administrative not to be pooh-poohed, weather chill, piggery temperature is low, humidity is big, it is the cause of disease that causes this disease.
Symptom: Rectum emergence is anal, the exterior is shown bulbiform, hyperaemia of mucous membrane of the rectum at the beginning of disease, show red, oedema, gore appears after time is long, show wine, and with contamination, some case of illness still are existing the scar of different level. The extension as time of course of diseases mucous membrane burst, rectum is necrotic, discharge mucky difficulty, spirit is depressed, anorexia or abandon absolutely, serious prolapse of the anus or the furry animal with too long course of diseases causes death easily.
Cure: The operation step that should take as follows to the furry animal of prolapse of the anus undertakes rectifying answer:
1, the control before art comes on of furry animal collect appetite, pass use cathartic of a few controllable (wait like vitriolic magnesium) close to its discharge empty excrement and urine and uric fluid.
2, the furry animal that will come on when the operation carries Baoding, with suds will ministry of the skin and end root, leg is abluent all round anus, with Potassium of 0.1% tall manganese solution or 5% aluminous water or weak brine rinse 2% ~ , the rectum mucous membrane that disinfects emergence, give off oedema fluid through extruding, besmear next the antibiotic ointment such as erythromycin or penicillin pink. With lukewarm physiological saline (the salt cool boiled water of 0.9% also but) or the gauze hot compress that clean Wen Shui has immersed, by control position of prolapse of the anus, make the rectum restoration of emergence, immediately undertakes anal smoke wraps type or crossed suture, degree of tightness is proper, tighten cloggy defecate too, too loose easy cause once more prolapse of the anus.
3, serious to prolapse of the anus, rectum the ill pig with necrotic, perforative chorion, should undertake emergence anal excises suture art. 1% procaine are used when the operation 1.2 milliliter of 0.6 milliliter ~ mix 80 milliliter of 20 milliliter ~ , 0.1% adrenalin even. Acupuncture point of the sea after make choice of (lower part of root of anal upper part, end caves place) , inject every time 40 milliliter of 10 milliliter ~ , 15 milliliter control anus and anaesthesia of art ministry soak, art person do after having a department with two suture cross emergence rectum crisscross, the attention that wear a line keeps away from thicker blood-vessel, be in next from suture 1 centimeter of or so caution excise necrotic rectum, bowel of inside and outside is in charge of (the attention in art is not embedded, injury and small intestine, if receive blood of petty and hemal ooze usable gauze is oppressive and hemostatic with hemostatic clamp hemostatic) , give suture from the clip inside rectum antrum with forceps, it is in the center of suture clipping, form 4 lines, part knot is fixed, be in charge of alvine wall tubercle to oversew to two bowel are done between 4 tubercle namely, inside and outside (two) bowel is in charge of end to undertake apart oversews 5.5 centimeters. Suture ends, cut off fixed drawing line, disinfect rectum emergence part and return accept anus inside.
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