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The hair ill mechanism that young pig exhaustion asks for integratedly reachs hi
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The Ⅱ of the pig - model cirque virus (PCV2) it is to cause young pig much system to fail to be asked for integratedly (PMWS) main cause of disease, PCV has PCVl and PCV2 two kinds of genotype. PCVl does not have the sex that cause disease, pig source is reached to go down to the future generation inside body of extensive existence pig cellular department; PCV2 has the sex that cause disease. Canada erupted first 1991 this are ill, subsequently a lot of countries on the world and area have this ill story. This disease with ablactationing young pig and fatten pig grow slow, breath is dear, angular, anaemic, appear yellow bravery phenomenon for the feature, provisions pig course of study causes severe pecuniary loss. Our country departs via serological investigation and virus appraisal, confirm this disease exists extensively also in our country. This disease is a kind of of the pig new contagion, already caused domestic and international scholar to pay close attention to extensively. Pig cirque virus (PCV) a kind of be heretofore discovery the smallest zoonosis is poisonous.

Pig cirque virus belongs to cirque virus division, this division is committee of international virus classification (1CTV) seminar of the 6th learning is new a named division. This virus shows the icosahedron semmetry, film that do not have bursa. Virus particle diameter is 17nm. Virus gene group is sheet cricoid DNA. PCV is stronger to the resistance of the outside, be not destroyed live for a long time in the acidity environment of PH3. Virus is not sensitive to chloroform, in 56 ℃ or 70 ℃ processing period of time, still do not miss work. In high temperature environment (72 ℃ ) also can survive for some time. Virus not the red blood cell of a variety of animals such as agglutinate ox, sheep, pig, chicken and person.

PCV can grow on PK-15 cell, but cannot cause cellular pathological change. It is taking the place of formerly grow on cell of fetal pig kidney, rhesus kidney cell, BHK-21 cell. Reportorial PCV also can be in Vero cell etc strung of pig source acting cell grows, allan (1997) the D- amino dextrose that 300 MM joins in reporting the PK-15 cell in vaccinal PCV develops substance - HCI action 30min, what can promote PCV is duplicate. Although the PK-15 cell of infection does not produce cellular pathological change, but substance of the excuse inside a lot of afterbirth oars is contained inside the PK-15 cell of infection, substance of the excuse inside the nucleus is contained inside the cell of a few infection.

One, send ill mechanism

Of the hair unripe mechanism of PCV2 of existing research proof and relevant disease and immune system damage about. Joaguin think: The infection of PCV2, will tell to the effect of immune system is a Shuang Renjian it seems that. The experiment proves: On one hand PCV2 and PRRSV or PPV are affected jointly, make clear these to virus can be stimulated and activation immune system, it is thereby when collective infection pig, promoted the hyperplasia of PCV2. On the other hand, serious lymphatic tissue ill damage, include lymphocyte to be short of estrangement cell of the immunity in these organizations inferior group other change, it is the regularity feature that the pig comes on badly.
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