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Lean lean pig raises limitation of new code law to raise a standard
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So-called law limitation raises a standard, the lean lean that presses a pig namely increases the rule, inside certain level, undertake those who limit appetite raise a method to the pig. This law has two kinds of particular ways commonly: ① is from the pig begin to be restricted to feed after 20 kilogram, till butcher; ② is from the pig begin after 60 kilogram, furnish to collect appetite freely only the feed of 85% , till butcher.

Consider to make clear, the factor that affects rate of live pig lean lean basically is breed and feed. But the influence that raises means to be led to pig lean lean also is a when cannot ignore main factor. The lean lean growth of the pig and adipose deposit have its characteristic and law each, lean lean basically accepts the restriction of genetic force, and adipose deposit criterion and raise means to having close relationship. According to this one characteristic of the pig and rule, use regular limitation to raise a standard, can make the lean lean rate of the pig rises 4% ~ commonly 7.6% .

The pig grows early days basically is with growing lean lean and skeleton are given priority to. The growth of lean lean of 60 kilogram early days is in ascendant phase; 60 kilogram later period is adipose be in ascendant fastigium, this period lean lean growth is in length trend even backwater. Accordingly, in pig lean lean inside growth period, want the high grade feed with ample supply, the growth that makes its fast development, and to adipose deposit period, the raise that should restrict concentrated feed appropriately feeds a volume, the raise that restricts protein especially feeds a volume. Because of this period if the protein feed of refurnish excessive, with respect to the energy of protein translate into of meeting pamper deposit is become adipose, such not only the waste that reduced feed, and the lean lean rate that also lowers a pig. So, grasp the lean lean growth of the pig and adipose and deposit pattern, the amount of feed and quality are restricted inside appropriate period, but the lean lean of pig of utmost ground play increases latent capacity, restrain adipose deposit effectively, raise the lean lean rate of the pig, reduce raise to raise cost, raise breed aquatics economic benefits.