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Affecting our country to raise the main question that pig industry grows is pig
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Come from the United States, flower, bay nearly 1000 delegates that wait for 10 many countries and area got together on April 23 Wuhan, attend China the Asian pig disease that university of middle peasant course of study undertakes learns conference of the 3rd learning.

Academician of chairman of institute of Asian pig disease, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China middle peasant teachs Chen Huanchun to introduce on the meeting greatly, in recent years, china raises pig employment development is rapid, alive bound raises a pig significant position holds in course of study: Come to China nearly 5 years live pig amount of livestock on hand is measured year all increase by degrees 14% , to 2005 number of amount of livestock on hand of Chinese live pig amounts to 490 million, 51% what hold world total amount of livestock on hand. The course of study that raise a pig makes the pillar industry of our country agriculture and rural economics.

China is planted the pig is resourceful, heredity of alive bound pig holds very significant position in resource composition. According to not complete count, number of Chinese pig breed amounts to 118, occupy the 1/3 that world pig breed counts about. The rapid line of business that raise a pig expands in our country, perplex by 3 big diseases, what old disease eliminates is not much, new disease happens ceaselessly, pig sick condition becomes more and more complex, the precaution of pig disease and control are relatively difficult.

Chen Huanchun academician introduces, the main problem that affects our country to raise pig course of study to develop at present is pig contagion problem, endanger among them the most serious is respiratory system disease, it is disease of progenitive obstacle sex next, the 3rd it is diarrhoea and other disease, these disease incidence of a disease and mortality are taller, to our country the course of study that raise a pig caused huge pecuniary loss.

Occupy Chen Huanchun to analyse, one of matters with more and more complex disease of current home pig depend on, bring thoroughbred, attune to plant from abroad frequent. As foreign thoroughbred pig introduce ceaselessly, pig disease also passes into home subsequently, down to " China of ill assemble of pig of 10 thousand countries " .
Additional, change breed aquatics rapid development as our country dimensions, raise an environment to fall thick and fast in what close, the pig is reduced to the resistance of the disease, these make pig disease incidental, contagion has very large popular latent capacity. It is reported, the farmer of past pig comes loose raise scale to occupy 90% , the factory is changed do not breed 10% , and at present the mode of China that raise a pig produced tremendous change, the factory is changed breed rise to 33% , and the farmer comes loose door breed etc drop 67% .

Below disease worry, abusive antibiotic makes the general appearance of the course of study that raise a pig. Chen Huanchun introduces, want to control pig disease weller, an important way is to use vaccine to undertake prevent and be controllinged, reduced the abuse of antibiotic not only so, and still more economy and safety, do not produce medicaments to remain, produce a people to be at ease " green pork " .
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