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Technology of small boar castrate
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Small boar is emasculated at 10- - 35 day age undertake, emasculated method has operation castrate law and way of castrate of inject medicine fluid two kinds.

(One) law of operation castrate castrate. Above all Baoding small boar, will undertake alexipharmic with tincture of iodine all round scrotum. Next vet skill pushs spermary to scrotal bottom, make scrotal skin Zhang Jin; Additional skill holds scalpel to seam incision skin and total scabbard film from scrotum, blade cannot pass big, spend with just can squeezing a spermary to be. Spermary squeezes the defeat after going out to break spermary chalaza and energy demand. In catching scrotum of incision of cut of classics former scrotum, lie between, with spermary of same methodological eliminate other a side. Wait for cut of alexipharmic medicine inunction with absorbent cotton of tincture of iodine or sulphanilamide pink finally. Blade need not oversew, 2- - 3 days can cicatrization by oneself. The beard in unit process of cargo bandling notices the strict disinfection of operation appliance. Of itself of small boar of this kind of method should stimulate time weak point, cut heal is fast, and operation success rate is higher. Abandon wholesome condition to be not constant error to the circle, art hind can consider inject tetanus antitoxin or antiserum, make small boar obtains passive immunity.

(2) law of castrate of inject medicine fluid. Medical fluid castrate is medicaments infuse whole spermary essence, the atrophy after making spermary red, lose raw energy ability finally. Though this way is simple, but small boar is whole and scrotal after inject red, amount to 1 week of above continuously, the time that should stimulate is longer, small boar anguish, grow speed is decelerated, and the composition in emasculated fluid is the chemical such as calcium of formalin, 10% chloridize more, grow to the pig it is certain to have excitant.