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Raise pig law pig naturally how cool and refreshing estivate
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The pig is constant temperature animal, hypodermic and adipose thicker, sweat gland is underdeveloped, its temperature adjusts ability is relative poorer. So, weather of summertime high temperature can affect a pig badly healthy state and manufacturing function. What raise pig standard naturally is basic raised mode to use ferment large cushion makings raises a pig, mat makings is in decompose mucky make water to achieve dung corrupt 0 discharge while generation biology is hot, because of this course of study person very afraid pig jump over summerly link, do brief introducing with respect to pertinent question now.

Sunstroke prevention piggery builds a design

In practice, raise pig law naturally to design main basis to piggery architectural heat insolation, sunstroke prevention local climate characteristic is reasonable the front that builds pig house and span, main measure includes:

1, become the wall outside piggery white with limewater besmear, in order to raise the reflection ability of the surface outside piggery and rate of hot be lost, reduce sun heat energy to be opposite thereby mix inside piggery of pig body deliver.

2, use coefficient of thermal conductivity lesser housetop material or adopt much room to build the housetop heat insolation such as construction to design, the adiabatic design of wall replaces common clay brick to make wall body material with air brick, can make its thermal resistance rises 41% , and with air entrainment the clod that mix mud can raise 6 times, use body of double deck wall to also can raise the thermal resistance cost of wall body greatly.

3, keep out sunshine shoots piggery directly. Arboreous, scramble is cultivated in piggery periphery plant or wait with bulrush, curtain. Can popularize the nature below applied forest to raise pig standard, shade of a tree of forest of have the aid of achieves favorable sunstroke prevention result.

4, construction is opposite larger window. Use French window as far as possible, make sure the summer has sweep the floor goodly wind takes away quantity of heat. A place with a draught of appropriate pass in and out is installed in piggery building, use natural wind-force and action of difference in temperature to introduce fresh air abandon inside, sheneiduo the quantity of heat of more than is mixed dirty gas eduction outdoor.

5, the floor board is local drop in temperature. It is agency with groundwater, in nature raise of the law that raise a pig feeds a stage or pig solidify lies to be conducted one kind of tube bank of laid of bottom of district floor board drop in temperature means, apply to have the groundwater source, area that can hit a well.

6, setting water piscina. Pig house of pig law fatten is raised in the odd nature that list type, design raise feeds corridor whole to feed a stage than raise (the gradient of 3%-5% tilts to corridor, expect with waterproof infiltration mat) low 15-20cm, to season of summertime high fever, the cold water that can control corridor infuse 15cm, form water common bathing pool. Everyday early morning feeds makings hind (because promotion used automatic makings chamfer, general fatten pig everyday 1 times the gender throws feed can) , open door of every sty column bolt to be hanged on boreal wall, it is only OK to let a pig piscina of water of free pass in and out drops in temperature.
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