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Pig concealed Gao and technology of block bursa hernial castrate
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In our real work, can encounter concealed Gao pig or scrotal hernia pig sometimes, undertake with respect to the requirement castrate will solve this one difficult problem very well. Specific means is as follows.

Law of concealed Gao castrate

Concealed Gao is to show a side or two side spermary are not inside scrotum, and inside the abdominal cavity in the pig. What majority of concealed a place of strategic importance is located in a kidney is rear, still be located in inguinal core place sometimes, I think operation time with 35 ~ 60 day age are optimal.

The Baoding of the pig: Go on a hunger strike wants before the operation 6 ~ 8 hours, or 12 hours all but, place of celiac wall cut uses the basis to lie on his back partly Baoding (make its show 45 ~ 60 degrees tilt) or use Baoding of type hanging by the feet all but.

Cut fixed position: The art ministry of Gao of concealed of a side sex, the coxa tubercle that cut is the same as side in concealed Gao brings a vertical line and abdomen downward in the middle of the upper part of line crossing is in 2 centimeters, or penult is perpendicular to the tit to pith tubercle direction is in 1 centimeter also but; The art ministry of Gao of concealed of two side sex, in left marrow tubercle is in 2 centimeters to the crossing upper part that the line makes vertical line in the middle of the abdomen.

Operation method: Cut length is controlled for 4 centimeters about can, wall of abdomen of the incision after be being disinfected with alcohol extends index finger through cut or middle finger searchs spermary, the spermary that the curved channel part that perhaps uses emasculated knife extends cut channel to go out to essence of life alls alone and will be found draws demand of cut ligate energy, excise peritonaeum of spermary, successive suture, muscle, skin of again nodal suture, tincture of iodine of cloth of cut part besmear can.

Law of scrotal hernial castrate

Common of scrotal hernia pig calls leakage bowel the pig, it is a kind of of piggy congenital symptom, it is small intestine wall of direct break-through abdomen and spermary lump. I think the optimal time of the operation is 30 ~ 60 days age.

Baoding: Happen in Baoding of type of which a side hanging by the feet according to hernia, in order to make small intestine returns abdominal cavity inside. The person that abdomen faces method.

Operation method: Remand the small intestine inside scrotum first inside abdominal cavity, next disinfection of wall of hernia side scrotum, incision, the attention does not cut film of broken total scabbard, come off total scabbard film comes after groin, handhold next spermary twists with total scabbard film turn 3 ~ 4 weeks, be close to inguinal canal to be in the stitch of silk thread cross that uses disinfection to make ligation, in ligation rear cut off, or tear apart total scabbard model, cut off essence of life to all alone and excise spermary, be in at the same time the place disinfection of across spermary, incision, excise spermary can.
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