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Give column method and skill to raising fatten pig shift to an ealier time
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Major raises fatten pig is to point to the specialist that raise a pig to raise the pig farm of young pig to buy the young pig after ablactationing to undertake fatten to market of young pig major or major, one kind when control sale giving column to 100kg raises kind, it is current suit a country to popularize development quite grow pig law. Its are main the advantage has: ① management way is simple, start easily, master easily, and but the wave motion according to market level, at any time discontinue of mount a horse. If can feel accurate market pulse, not only the profit that can earn the itself that raise a pig, still can earn price difference. ② piggery structure is simple, equipment requirement is inferior. ③ raises cycle weak point, capital turnover is rapid, arrive from investment yield most 3 ~ 4 months. Investment of ④ fixed capital is little, column abandons have enough to meet need fast, every column is abandoned raise 3 ~ every year 4 batches.

Grow fatten pig is the pig grows the phase that speed expects with bad news the amount is the largest the most quickly, want to score proper gain, must use scientific administrative technology, raise day of weightening finish and feed utilization rate. And day age is opposite a column of fatten pig the economic benefits impact that raises a pig is very big, because give column day age is shorter, the wastage of feed is less, expect fleshy comparing is lower also. The 70% ~ that feed cost wants to hold the cost that raise a pig 80% , reduced feed wastage to also be equal to reduced cost, rose to raise the economic benefits of the pig consequently.

The technical measure that fatten pig in advance gives column is very much, the day weightening finish of the pig of metropolis influence fatten such as the management that character of the breed of the pig, feed, raise feeds method, column to abandon control of establishment, disease and pig farm, the day giving column that affects fatten pig thereby age. Accordingly, adopt ability of a series of integrated technology measure to make fatten pig in advance gives column only.

1 breed

The day weightening finish of pig of lean lean cross is apparent the cross pig of breed of prep above this locality and this locality breed, hybrid strain has grow advantage, weightening finish of day of hog of generation of average raise hybrid can rise 15% , economic feed 20% , and incidence of a disease is reduced apparently. When buying young pig, should choose bodily form those who eat is good, much, those who grow is fast with tail stubby pig (long white, big York) , pig of general and admirable young can save feed 20% .

2 feed character

The discretion of feed character to a column of fatten pig day age is affected very big, the growth of lean lean pig rate is rapid, lean lean rate is high, because this is right the demand of feed quality is high also, the feed that at present dimensions pig farm uses is put generally in low energy high protein, the phenomenon with amino lopsided acid, want in advance gives column, must reasonable and tie-in ration. The basis is piggy long bone, medium the growth of long fat of pig long flesh, big pig the rule and pig body are right before protein need tall hind low, before adipose deposit low hind high rule, the growth the pig development differentiates for 3 phase, piggy phase 20 ~ 35kg, in pig phase 35 ~ 60kg, big pig phase 60 ~ 90kg. These 3 phase can differentiate again for two period, 60kg is early days before, 90kg is later period later. Protein of early days ration wants some taller, the 14% ~ that ask to occupy ration commonly 18% , the 12% ~ that later period occupies ration 14% , but energy supply should increase accordingly, make the pig grows quickly, managing feed, increase lean lean and in advance gives column. Ration is on total value basis, must add vitamin, microelement and amino acid appropriately, should stimulate in order to deal with what high crude long rate may bring, at the same time the attention raises the dainty sex of ration, reduce the content of the crude fibre in ration appropriately.
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