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Pig epidemic encephalitis prevents and cure
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Pig epidemic encephalitis is the infection that the cultivate of a kind of person that causes by epidemic encephalitis virus contracts in all. After the pig contracts this disease, the sow often produces abortion, stillborn foetus, boar produces orchitis, fatten pig can last high fever, young pig often shows encephalitis symptom. With Xia Qiu Jiduo is sent.

This disease affects the symptom preclinical 3~4 day. Fatten pig and temperature rise of young pig body arrive high 40~41 ℃ , can last a few days to come ten days. Depressed of ill pig spirit, happy event of Mian of be addicted to lies, tired; Young pig can produce neurosis record, motion dies maladjusted, insensible or suddenly; Gravid sow occurrence abortion, stillborn foetus reachs mummy embryo; Boar often produces a side or strut of two side spermary. The film inside abortive sow uterus congests, oedema; Abortion is fetal and hypodermic oedema, the seeper inside the head; Boar spermary agnail is intumescent.

Prevent make measure prevent this disease to want to undertake immune have an inoculation regularly. The 1~2 before second head is popular cell of kidney of shrewmouse of lunar have an inoculation develops weak poisonous vaccine, hypodermic or intramuscular injection 1 milliliter, can prevent effectively make sow abortion and boar spermary strut. Prevent midge to destroy midge, notice the environment is wholesome, pothole of fill and level up, dredge conduit, eliminate seeper, eliminate mosquito cause place and hold to all sorts of disinfection systems, also can use anthelmintic to often undertake spraying destroying in piggery inside and outside at the same time midge.

This disease can use antibacterial content to wait for pair of disease cure, with shortening the illness is mixed prevent afterwards to send infection. Dehydration therapeutics, can use the remedial head oedema such as alcohol of 20% manna alcohol, 25% hill pear, 10% dextrose, reduce skull internal pressure; Composed therapeutics, general of usable chlorpromazine, acetyl cling to Qin; Antifebrile and demulcent therapeutics, can use antipyrine, analgin to wait; Refuse bacterium treatment, but try out medicaments of amine of all sorts of antibiotic, sulphur.