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Increase a sow to produce son to figure 6 ways
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One, increase makings stimulation. The sow is produced first, compare emaciated sow especially, at day of the 8-15 before hybridization, increase the feed that contains a lot ofprotein, vitamin, can spur sow in advance oestrus and increase oviposit to count and increase number yield young animal.

2, timely insemination. Generally speaking, the time with appropriate hybridization is hour of the 2-3 before sow oviposit, namely hour of the 22-23 after oestrus begins (or day of the 2-2.5 after beginning oestrus) . Surface manifestation turns into by unrest for the sow stable, pussy by bright red turn into amaranth, become systole by strut and begin occurrence break, the hand presses the buttock plant oneself of the sow, at this moment hybridization is optimum.

3, increase number losing essence of life. Arrive in the test inside appropriate hybridization time match first time, removed 8-12 hour undertakes the 2nd times losing essence of life, some sow oestrus time are long, when cannot judging insemination time correctly temporarily, can increase insemination the 3rd times. Repeat hybridization to be able to carry high yield cub to count 16-18% .

4, inject hormone. The sow after ablactationing, every eat feeds 2-3 bright egg, feed continuously to hybridization, chorion of the 3rd day of intramuscular injection after ablactationing at the same time closes to sexual gland hormone 1000 units. Ju report, in before sow hybridization 2 minutes of inject 20 units expedite child delivery element, can raise be impregnated to lead 5-10% to reach raise head of 1.5-2 of number yield young animal.

5, use vitamin. After young pig ablactations 3 days, e of 200 milligram vitamin is added in the feed of the sow, 400 milligram carotene, after feeding oestrus, reduce an amount 50% , feed all the time after be pregnant 21 days, can make the sow produces young animal not only much, and constitution of pig of sow, young is strong. Or ablactation in young pig, of hybridization mix the 7th day of hybridization that day, give A50000 of vitamin of sow intramuscular injection unit or β respectively - carotene 200 milligram, can increase number yield young animal 18% the left and right sides, can decrease stillborn foetus and raise young pig nest to weigh.

6, apply antibiotic. Before sow hybridization 2 weeks, till hybridization during, milligram of antibiotic medicaments 10-15 is added in every 1 kilogram of feed, can raise be impregnated to lead 15-20% , raise head of 1-2 of number yield young animal, can decrease stillborn foetus and raise young pig be born first heavy.