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The summer raises a pig to want to notice sunstroke prevention drops in temperat
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Be the season that pig disease sends more currently, science and technology of live pig of Ministry of Agriculture enters an expert Wang Lixian to expressed a few days ago, of the pig optimum grow temperature is ℃ of 18 ℃ ~25, but as a result of summertime air temperature difference in temperature of tall, day and night small, humidity is big, the sweat gland that adds a pig is underdeveloped, special be afraid of heat, the summer especially high temperature high humidity awaits production of meeting provisions hog to bring very big impact, answer in the process that raise a pig so mature to the high temperature harm to raising a pig. Wang Lixian suggests, can drop in temperature through the following sunstroke prevention the pressure that step will come reduce swinery.
The sunshade that ① becomes fine pig house is ventilated the job. Make sunshine cannot point-blank to piggery, reduce heat radiation, achieve the goal that drop in temperature. The water supply with ② due and ample piggery. In torrid weather, applied cold water sprays piggery and pig body, furnish to water amply, had better use conditionally water automatically equipment, do the ventilated take a breath of fine pig house, make piggery airiness. ③ control is abandoned inside the density of the pig. Raise density to affect the temperature inside piggery directly, reason should be reduced in high temperature season breed density, fattening pig should occupy above of 1 square metre every had better. Density crosses what congress affects a pig to collect appetite, reduce grow speed. ④ raises diet nutrition level, adjust raise to feed means. Below high temperature condition, the appetite of the pig and collect appetite to drop somewhat, the growth that affects a pig directly needs, reason should raise diet nutrition level when high temperature, adjust raise to feed means at the same time, the pig lets satiate when morning and evening is cool, had eaten. Some articles say the summer wants to reduce energy feed, feed some of viridescence feed more, this is very wrong, the summer collects appetite low, nutrition is inadequate, want to raise energy level, especially lactation sow. What ⑤ should notice feed is fresh with dainty sex. Do not change casually feed, the mildew that should notice to prevent feed particularly changes, sorbent of a few mould can be joined in feed. ⑥ maintains the cleanness of piggery. The summer is cause of disease microbial grow very as active as breed season, disinfecting the job is to cut off epidemic disease to spread a way, exterminate or keep clear of the tweak that stays in pig body to express surviving pathogen. Accordingly, to prevent the happening of pig infectivity disease, pig farm must value the clean sanitation of piggery and alexipharmic job. ⑦ prevents what heat should stimulate in time to happen. Fatten pig is more sensitive to heat, in burning hot summer, the saleratus of certain amount is added in giving fatten pig diet, can effective ground is stomachic, precaution suffers heatstroke, dosage is every everyday 3~4 gram, mix feed, still can be in feed Chinese herbal medicine of hot detoxify of interfuse Qing Dynasty and cast feed watermelon skin, very good solution heat drops in temperature action. (
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