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Pig ill immunity recommends program (try out)
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Remarks: 1. Kind program of the immunization before 70 day age is the same as the pig commodity pig.

2. Encephalitis popularity or get minatory area, annual 3-5 month (before the mosquito appears 1 - in Feburary) , use encephalitis vaccine is removed immunity of a month two.

3. Weak poisonous vaccinal proposal uses swine fever lienal drench vaccinal.

4, technical requirement

(one) the vaccine that must use classics country to approval is produced or already was registered, do very vaccinal managing, save a condition to undertake keep in storage is mixed according to vaccine carry. Www.zizhu9.comNet of Chinese seedling pig

(2) should ask according to vaccinal product manual the standard is operated when immunity is vaccinal, undertake to litter harmless change processing.

(3) each disinfection should have been done in immune process, should accomplish “ at the same time ” of head of one pig stitch, prevent alternate infection.

(4) classics immunity is monitored, when short of of immune antibody percent of pass sets a requirement, carry out as soon as possible strengthen immunity.

(5) when should producing animal epidemic situation, answer the pig that suffers menace to undertake urgent immunity.

(6) establish complete immune record.

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