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Wintry young pig prevents swine flu first
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2, strengthen column to abandon fumigation of acidity disappear bane. Commonly used acidity disappear bane has had oxygen second acid, PAA, glacial acetic acid to wait, do well column abandons sanitation to wait.
3, avoid easy feeling swinery and impressible content contact.
4, the nutrient level that raises diet, complement electroanalysises multidimensional, enhance swinery disease-resistant power.
5, immune precaution. The pig farm that often produces flu can use flu to destroy live vaccine immunity.
6, cure of on the spot, reduce the shift of ill pig, reduce a disease thereby diffuse.
7, the segregation that strengthens personnel, ill piggery person specially assigned for a task is in charge of only, the breeder goes to only, apparatus is special, cannot use fan or air conditioning convulsions.
8, offer enough cleanness to water, join dextrose (1 % ) or citric acid (0.1 % - 0.2 % ) electroanalysis multidimensional etc, increase disease-resistant capacity.
9, commonly used cure uses formulary record.
Complete group: Bao old Jiang Shui, use everyday 10 - 20 jins of Laojiang (serious when but double) , bao water 50 - 100 jins, bao of a batch of Jiang Ke 2, mix to use, drinkable when the dilute that add water comes 200 - 400 jins, join brown sugar appropriately again (or white sugar) as clever as virus (or) of amine of King Kong alkyl, water had better accuse several hours before using; Use Chinese traditional medicine of a few compound, for instance fluid of profess to convinced of double yellow lotus, Yin Qiao comes loose etc. ; Paracetamol of Kangjia of use fluorine Er prevents afterwards to send infection. . Individual cure: ① solves hot analgesia: Inject the root of Chinese thorowax, piggy every every time 3 - 5 milliliter, big pig (contain a sow) 10 - 20 milliliter. ② prevents afterwards to send infection: Add antibiotic or sulphur amine medicaments to prevent pneumonic the afterwards that waits for disease sends infection

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