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Wintry young pig prevents swine flu first
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Chu Dong, as a result of the influence of cold air, weather of our city occurrence low temperature. Weather mutation, low temperature cause swine flu extremely easily, raise door need to do good precaution work.
A kind of acute that swine flu is a pig, hot sex, height contacts sexual contagion, basically travel through air, age pig all can produce all sorts of day only, spring chill of much hair Yu Chudong is cold as changeful as weather season. This disease can cause kind of pig to breed weightening finish of pig of obstacle, fatten is decelerated etc, also be low-key of pig generation immunity main inducement, and afterwards sends bacterial infection. This disease happens rapid, local swinery can be brought about inside several days almost 100 % come on, but mortality is inferior.
Clinical symptom
Young pig: Initial stage has sneeze, snorty wait for a symptom, transmission is rapid, cough or abdominal, gum grow in quantity, mental depressed, make lot, happy event lie and move less, drive compulsively also do not wish to ambulate, ill pig palpate has aching feeling, have a fever 40.5 ℃ - 41 ℃ , can be as high as 42 ℃ sometimes. This ill incidence of a disease is high (almost 100 % ) and mortality is low (1 % ) is only when the hair that do not have afterwards is affected, after taking proper step general 7 days or so recoverable normal, reason calls “ 7 days to heat up ” again. But incomplete second pig is more, if have afterwards hair infection,behave a variety of respiratory tract possibly symptom and taller fall into disuse rate.
Diagnostic point
This ill transmission is rapid, incidence of a disease is high and mortality is low, snorty, gum is much, cough, make lot, fu has analyse check small bronchus and fine bronchus ropy fibrin sex liquid (take) of redness of skin sometimes, lobar pathological changes produces Yu Jian, heart, among, the back that lies between a leaf and base ministry, with all round constituent end is clear. Can make according to these characteristics preliminary diagnose, diagnose needs lab of have the aid of to detect. The lung that can collect ill pig and tracheal, also can use nose mop child the nose autacoid of the pig that collect work, also can send check serum to detect antibody.
Prevent make step
(One) precautionary measures
1, strengthen raise management. Strengthen heat preservation, reduce wind to blow, reduce air cooling to blow pig body continuously especially, reduce piggery core condition to change. In Chu Donghan cold as changeful as weather season should do good heat preservation to work, be born first, ablactation with turn column strengthens heat preservation in the firty few days. Still should have grabbed the heat preservation job in the evening. Had done wintry spring the heat preservation of line-haul, cold season reduces strong pig body. Strengthen puny pig (do not advocate the makings that feed water) heat preservation, they contract flu virus more easily; Control humidity of fine pig house strictly. In the season with changeful weather, water changing gush takes pig disinfection to be fumigation, decrease take a pig to develop column, reduce humidity, can use calx to control humidity when necessary.
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