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Pig bleb disease diagnoses point and control method
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3, recessive model the pig does not behave any clinical symptoms, but, serological examination, have drip degree of quite tall neutralization antibody, can produce strong immune power, this kind of pig is likely eduction virus, to easy infection the pig has very big risk.

(3) lab examination sends concerned quarantine the department ill material as soon as possible, undertake animal have an inoculation, virus depart education and appraisal, retrorse and serological complement union experiment, indirect blood coagulates experiment and immune fluorescence experiment, so that seasonable diagnose.

Plan of prevention and cure:

1, the area is not epidemic disease that does not have this disease, prohibit transferring into from epidemic disease area pig with fleshy product. Endeavor to accomplish from numerous raise oneself.

2, suffer minatory area and epidemic disease area to want to undertake periodic immunity have an inoculation.

(1) pig bleb kidney passes young plant of cellular weak poison; Use at vaccinate, to size fat pig, all can be in a ministry deep intramuscular injection 2 milliliter, after recording a young plant 3 - 5 days, can produce firm immunity power, immune period of short duration is 6 months. This seedling also is coming on epidemic disease area undertakes urgent have an inoculation, can control information about and appraisal of an epidemic quickly.

(2) violet vaccine of crystallization of poison of pig bleb cell; To ablactationing healthily pig, fatten pig all but flesh notes 2 milliliter, immune period is provisional for 9 months.
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