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Pig bleb disease diagnoses point and control method
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This disease is the virus disease of the infectivity of a kind of contact that causes a pig by pig bleb virus. Clinical feature is bleb appears all round the tit in mucous membrane of hoof, nose, oral cavity and sow. Clinical it is very difficult to go up distinguish with bleb of stomatitis of sex of foot-and-mouth disease, bleb, easy happening by accident examine. Province area differs to have repeatedly in home in succession after this disease is in 70 years happen.

Diagnostic point

(1 ) popular characteristic is pig infection only, the pig of all sorts of ages, breed, sexual distinction can come on all the year round. In damp weather, especially swinery density is big, wholesome conditional difference, allocate and transport wait for a circumstance often to fall easy come on, come on fast, incidence of a disease can amount to 70-80 % high, and rate of die in one's bed is very low.

(2) the feature that face examine has 3 kinds of kinds:

Temperature rise of the body at the beginning of 1 , typical disease comes high 40 -42 ℃, in occurrence bleb of heel of hoof coronal, hoof, bleb makes an appointment with grain of rice to come soybean volume, number differs, classics 1 - defeat 2 days;burst;ulcerate;fester, those who show red is broken break through a face, ill hoof is local have heat painful, broken travel. If the bacterium affects local fester serious can make hoof carapace falls off, ill pig bends over lie. Additional, have 5 about - the bazoo of 10 % ill pig dish, oral cavity mucous membrane, gingival have bleb and ulcer. Partial sow breast has bleb to appear. This ill general classics 10 - self-healing of 15 days of many hasten restores.

2, light-duty have a few pig only, produce a few bleb in hoof ministry only, systemic symptom is slight, transmission is slow, be aware of not easily.
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