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Raise the bacterial sex disease that cannot overlook in hog production
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Before streptococcic disease comes on, the pig is done not have from the observation on appearance special can of bring to sb's attention symptom, below the circumstance that ensures the fundamental immunity such as swine fever has been done, if appear groin is lymphatic and apparent intumescent when the conceal that can suspect streptococcic disease. Come on main show is the pig: Articulatory and intumescent, aching, hind legs cannot stand, acute encephalitis occurrence nerve symptom, head hind is admired, vibratile, break up on eyeball, the limb after side lies submits slippery sample ceaselessly.
The symptom after analyse check: Meninx congests or have haemorrhage place; Pericardium accumulates fluid, lung congests or strut has apparent inflammation; The whole body is lymphatic intumescent, hyperaemia; The early days inside articulatory bursa shows transparent glue shape liquid, later period attenuates as affected part skin after intumescent fester and fester; Afterwards of later period of partial ill pig sends occurrence hepatomegaly or sclerotic, icteric, ascites reachs nephritis.
This ill precaution basically defeats blood group with the pig streptococcic vaccine undertakes immune have an inoculation, enough dosage must assure when doing vaccinal have an inoculation, come on more serious field can reach 35 day age to be prevented each in 7 day age; Ill pig basically passes cut to affect, first of foal pig break hilum, decide remaining part, break tooth, the castrate of small boar, be gregarious fights the cut that reachs injury of other machinery sex to cause can be affected, aborning must do very traumatic alexipharmic sterilization work, as far as possible avoid to contract this disease from cut.
To already coming on the cure of the pig, of symptom of encephalitis sex nerve basically give priority to with sulphanilamide pyrimidine, of arthritic symptom OK

With large dose antibiotic (wait like penicillin) add analgesia kind medicaments (wait like amino to acetyl phenol) have treatment.

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