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The efficient method that young pig dysentery characterized by white mucous stoo
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The preparation before making nice introduce a fine variety should make plan of detailed introduce a fine variety before working introduce a fine variety, the real case that joins him pig farm and place need
The amount of breed, purchase kind of pig selectively. Introduce kind of pig to want to choose normal, the large hoggery with good reputation, want to master
This tastes a variety of pigs seed selection standard with this progenitive hoggery.
The choose and buy is planted the note when the pig introduces kind of pig, had better not buy a pig from market and place of pedlar of going from place to place, flow because of be being mixed from market
Pedlar place buys a pig, variety quality cannot assure, mainer is to carry epidemic disease easily, already him damage, disaster and villager. From
Pig farm introduces kind of pig, besides should to kind pig sale unit asks for the quarantine certificate of approval that has vet quarantine branch to issue outside, note even
Meaning is the following at 2 o'clock:
Kind boar. Kind boar requirement breed is sterling, lively happy event is moved, spermary growth is normal, wrapping did not accumulate fluid too much. Grown
Kind boar wants sexuality exuberant, climb cross active, driving and strong.
Kind sow. The choose and buy is planted sow, should choose individual development good, without clammy expression, the sow of reaction tack, choose reproduction
Implement growth is good, the pussy is bigger and flabby prolapse, the individual sow with much tit.
The car that notices the carry transport of kind of pig is defeated by kind of pig is provided should pass serious disinfection, and the shop wants inside railroad car have mat stuff, in carriage road every
Carry two hours to want to jockey raise is fed 1 times.
Kind the government after the pig enters the arena is right new kind of introduced pig should undertake seasonable, complete disinfection, raise by hive off of size, state-owned parent.
Kind after the pig enters the arena, want segregation to raise 30~45 day, wait for after having epidemic disease certainly again be gregarious is raised, can avoid disease across feeling already so
Catch, facilitate again observation. Kind after the pig enters the arena, want good vaccinate job.

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