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New characteristic of popularity of pig epidemic disease and control countermeas
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Pathogen produces the circumstance increase of mutation. Increase as feed nutrition pH indicator, cause airframe to grow speed is added fast, should stimulate an element (if feed is changed, nutrition is lopsided, climate mutation, ablactation, turn column, be gregarious, unreasonable disinfection) grow in quantity and medicaments use grow in quantity, the circumstance increase of mutation produces after making former put oneself in another's position of go to the bad is contacted with these elements.

The happening of disease of pig respiratory tract shows ascendant trend of year after year. Show incidence of a disease tall, come on pig of long, size all sends urgent, course of diseases, be hard to control and mortality is advanced characteristic, already became one of serious problems in the production that raise a pig.

Illness of sex of sow breed obstacle is very serious. Oestrus of mothball sow expression is not apparent, not oestrus, often produce stillborn foetus and weak embryo, mummy embryo via producing a sow, the endometritis with some sows serious expression, produce phlogistic with the breast phlogistic.

What immunity controls sexual epidemic disease is ceaseless happen and restrain sexual medicaments as a result of long-term, many use immunity, the immunity that creates animal organism is restrained, airframe resistance drops, airframe immunity is respondent the demote below ability.

Control countermeasure

The in a planned way, sort that measure of organization, cent understands pig farm epidemic disease and popular rule, make a scientific and sound immunity plan and operating sequence. Basis epidemic disease produces the rule and epidemiology characteristic, the census that strengthens pair of epidemic disease, check and monitoring works, condition of have the aid of is good the diagnostic lab with the place of scientific research courtyard with technical clear advantage, to affect and coming on swinery should as soon as possible sends check and undertake allowing to be diagnosed truly, through undertaking to ill pig the lab is diagnosed, detached to cause of disease appraisal, detect, understand the sort of pig farm epidemic disease and popular rule thereby, the former hair sex appeal that makes clear Hunan pig farm exists is caught and afterwards hair sex appeal catchs the sort of epidemic disease, establish a sound immune program, specific aim ground divides measure ground to have epidemic disease precaution and control by the plan.
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