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New characteristic of popularity of pig epidemic disease and control countermeas
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Current, grow in quantity of pig ill sort, add epidemic disease newly especially the epidemic disease that abroad introduces is increasing, of epidemic disease complication, blame model is changed serious with each passing day, of many medicaments large dose, much breed mix use and abuse, in feed add sanitarian medicaments incorrectly for a long time to wait, cause be able to bear or endure property of a medicine or across are able to bear or endure property of a medicine arises.

Additional, still make the organ such as liver of didymous animal airframe, kidney and immune system destroy, unreasonable immune program and unreasonable ground use vaccine to wait, make the immune force of animal airframe and resistance drop generally, the control that causes pair of diseases is more and more difficult also, already became serious effect our country to raise the main factor of pig industry health, stable, rapid development. Farm door cut utmost desire.

Characteristic of epidemic disease popularity

Of the pathogeny complication, the multiple infection of pathogen causes epidemic disease complication and be not a model to change. The multiple infection that in last few years pig disease presents much pathogeny, much pathogen or of mixture infection come on trend, the phenomenon of odd pathogeny, single pathogen when swinery comes on is very few, often be the pathogeny with two kinds of above or pathogen mutual synergism (say to be affected in all again) cause, cause swinery epidemic disease preclinical short, come on urgent, transmission is fast, present the characteristic that defeats blood type disease and high incidence of a disease and tall mortality, the harm is extremely serious, and control difficulty is very great. Popular this year calorific disease is very good paradigmatic.

Exist in swinery bacterium of cause of disease of a few permanent, condition is venereal former bacterium or bacterium of cause of disease are in recessive infection level, often make swinery is in inferior health, discharge poison in outward bound continuously, once the condition is mature, if should be stimulated, the element such as plan of unreasonable animal health care or unreasonable epidemic prevention plan brings about airframe constitution to drop from time to time comes on, again afterwards hair contracts other infectivity disease, phenomenon of afterwards hair infection turns pig farm in dimensions very general.
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