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Spring should prevent pig paratyphoid
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Pig paratyphoid calls a pig salmonella disease again, basically be by the pig cholera and salmonella of pig typhoid fever are caused, age young pig affected age ~ the most easily in April in Feburary. Season climate is changeful early spring, temperature change is apparent, breed an environment to have a bit unfavorable, cause this disease easily, must try to prevent and cure seriously.

One, clinical feature

Cent is mixed for acute chronic two model. ① acute show septicemia symptom. Come on suddenly, body temperature rise comes 41 ℃ above, inappetence or abandon absolutely, spirit is dispirited, happy Tibet within mat grass, shiver. Nose, key point is sticking secretion, first constipation, hind diarrhoea, eduction is flaxen effluvial rare dung. 2 days of ~ after disease 3 days, appear in nose end, ear, neck, abdomen and limb inside skin purple spot, ill pig is rapid and angular, lower his head to stay stand, gait shakes, temperature drops, fail before long and die. ② is chronic model the commonnest. Generally speaking tallish or chronic pig temperature is normal, spirit is depressed, constant caboodle lies together, have appetite, later period is abandoned absolutely; The happy event before some ill pigs are dead drinks sewage; Eczema appearance appears to change on some ill pig skins; Because issue dysentery continuously, ill pig is angular with each passing day, feeble, be not had by wool thick chaos smooth, walk shake, exceeding finally fail and die. Chronic model course of diseases is in more half month above, some is as long as even 2 months, amaranthine ill pig grows growth stagnation, become deadlocked pig.

2, pathology changes

Acute disease pig basically changes for septicemia, chronic exemple, typical pathological changes is in caecal, colonic, even ileum. Visible bowel wall is lymphatic and follicular strut apophysis, subsequent necrotic with ulcer. Alvine mucous membrane is shown diffuse the gender is necrotic sexual debaucjed, exterior coverture a grey yellow or olive easy the bran appearance material that come off, alvine wall is coarse add thick. Weigh disease case of illness, alvine wall is big necrotic fall off, liver, lienal often can see with mesentery lymph node pinpoint big grey yellow is necrotic kitchen or hoar tubercle.
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