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The make a diagnosis and give treatment of disease of diarrhoea of pig of young
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Disease of young pig diarrhoea is the common young pig bowel in the production that raise a pig path disease. Among them the diarrhoea that coliform organisms causes is more common to the lactation young pig inside 1 week age, can bring about serious sample diarrhoea, dehydrate to die even. The author is the closest make a diagnosis and give treatment the case of illness that the young pig of lifetime pig farm causes diarrhoea disease because of coliform organisms infection, obtained certain curative effect, arrange summary to be as follows now, consult for everybody.

1, hair sick condition and clinical symptom

Farm of some pig of Nanyang city suburban district, accumulate young pig diarrhoea at producing bedding face on November 20, 2006 morning ill and to epidemic disease of Nanyang city animal center of diagnosis and treatment is begged treat. Be informed via the inquiry, after from November 10 a cold air sweeps across Nanyang, in succession young pig comes on, it is individual young pig comes on first, diffuse slowly other son pig, the symptom is have loose bowels, row ashen or yellow has special and fishy excrement and urine. In the meantime, ill pig Wei cold, dehydrate, suck the breast to decrease or stop, appear sometimes the phenomenon that spit a grandma. Rose on November 15, after air temperature is reduced substantially, young pig illness is apparently aggravating. Pig farm asks countryside vet make a diagnosis and give treatment urgently, specific with medicine unspecified. Ll month 20 days of mornings, the breeder is cast when feeding feed, discovery shares pig of L6 head young to come on, the 5 youngs pig with day lesser age dies.

2, pathology changes

Pathology analyse check changes without particularity, visible stomach is full of food, gas, gastric endosperm juice is caky not complete, have inside lacteal adipose. Bowel congests, alvine wall spends oedema gently, liquid of the plentiful inside bowel and gas. From small intestine Duan Ke gives the sex that cause disease with separate training coliform organisms.

3, diagnose

Change according to clinical symptom and pathology, judging the element that brings about young pig diarrhoea is coliform organisms infection.

4, remedy

Lighter to diarrhoea symptom young pig, with 0. Of 1 % inferior selenium acerbity natrium, 0. The dysentery bacterium of 05 % is mixed completely 0. The potassium permanganate solution of 1 % with 1: 1: The scale of 1, mix drinkable, l ~ can be cured 2 days. acid of half Bi Pai (content 0. After 125 9) and Ding of glue of bee of 3 ~ 5 Ml mix, to young pig fill is taken, take 2-3 dose commonly can. Solution of peptization of usable bee of bee glue Ding is made in the alcohol in 95 % , chroma with 20 % advisable. With sodium chloride 3. 5 9, bicarbonate natrium 2. L of 5 9, potassium chloride. Acid of Pai of 20 9 of 5 9, dextrose, fluorine comes loose 4 9, add Wen Shui L000ml to dissolve. Each fill takes daily time L second, every time 80 ~ 100ml.
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