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Wang Miaozhu the rapid growth of measures of food
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Piglets after weaning, feed intake increased with age and gradually increased. General to about 35 days there will be gluttony, snatch phenomenon. The strong feeding phenomenon, known as "Mong eat." Piglets into the prosperous period of 60 days between food, body weight increased by 1 times the weight gain of up to 0.5 kg per day or more. Therefore, do a good job of feeding fresh Wang piglets, piglets can promote rapid weight gain, early slaughter, so that pig efficiency improved significantly. Wang piglets fast food on weight gain measures are: A fixed number of times, less feeding ground Tim. 30 days starting from the piglets, we should increase the feeding frequency of 5-6 times the general day to feed and to a fixed time, so that regular feeding habits of pigs raised. Piglets feeding time, so there is full with hungry, can increase the digestive capacity, while maintaining appetite, will not affect the feed intake of the next meal. Each feed must also be fed less frequently add, this is not only the war pigs eating habits, eat more fresh fodder to adapt to the characteristics of piglets. Add fresh feed each time. Piglets to fighting over some invisible point between the feed to eat. At the same time, less feeding ground Tim, can reduce feed waste. Second, the match up, hold full belly. Intake by piglets more electric evening time, the first fed general feed, fish meal and other feed, then stir in some more than allowed. About to eat some other piglets fed, and then feed the pigs are eating. Such as grain square meters, malted barley, melons, etc.. Finally fed green feed and give clean drinking water. This will be more support belly piglets greater appetite increasingly popular. Third, the stability of feed, pay close attention to Wang meal. Miaozhu stage at the Wang food, feed must be stable and not change too much. Because once the habit of eating a kind of feed piglets after the sudden change, often affect the amount of feed, or even food. But only after a few days getting used to be. If there are any changes, loss of appetite more affected by the so-called "feed unstable, Wang Food futile" is the truth. Wang piglets meal time, winter afternoon, in the evening during the summer time, the feed intake of piglets can feed more than half of the total days it is the heyday of feeding piglets. Wang meal feeding piglets to seize the favorable opportunity, try to eat well, get enough sleep, eat, fat gain is to promote rapid weight gain of piglets key. Fourth, increased protein diet, add trace elements. Wang eclipsed growth in piglets rapidly absorbed protein is also very strong. Therefore, we should pay attention to protein feed supplement and trace elements, it may feed more soybean meal, soybean residue, fish meal or fish, shrimp, etc., generally do not occur Diarrhea phenomenon, but also promote the busy food, the piglets grow faster.