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Students nursing piglets feeding should pay attention to what
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1, avoid salt: salt can reduce the efficacy of streptomycin, sodium salt in the body that the water retention in poultry, causing edema, therefore, in the treatment of nephritis and the use of streptomycin should be limited to salt feeding or stop feeding . In addition, the salt can accelerate the excretion of bromide preparations, preparations in the treatment of bromine excited diseases of livestock and poultry should also reduce the salt Feeding Amount. 2, avoid bran: bran contains large amounts of phosphorus and a small amount of calcium, rickets in the treatment of livestock and poultry, urinary tract stones, intestinal stones, rickets should be forbidden to feed bran. Otherwise, the disease will increase. 3, Avoid additives: feed additives containing bone meal and other multi-minerals, can reduce the oxytetracycline, tetracycline efficacy. Therefore, taking these antibiotics in livestock and poultry when disabled. 4, bogey cottonseed cake: cottonseed cake can affect the body's absorption of vitamin A in vitamin A deficiency prevention and control of livestock and poultry, should stop feeding cottonseed cake. 5, avoid blood meal: blood meal is high protein content of feed, livestock and poultry served in psoralen, dry Breit, fleece-flower root, raw land, cultivated land and other herbs, avoid the same clothes with the blood meal. Otherwise, it will produce side effects. 6, avoid beans: soy beans, black beans, red beans and other legumes contain magnesium, iron, calcium and minerals, they can and tetracycline, oxytetracycline combined into difficult to absorb the material, thereby reducing the efficacy. The green beans both detoxification effect, but also Cabernet drugs, therefore, whether animal which drug taking, must take the absolute prohibition of bean products. 7, the bogey of sorghum: Sorghum strong force contains astringent substances that can offset the efficacy of laxatives, so taking laxatives to the animal feed ban when sorghum. 8, avoid spinach: Spinach contains high oxalic acid, the substance can be combined with calcium in the digestive tract to form insoluble calcium oxalate, impede the body's absorption of calcium oxalate, it is livestock services in the preparation of calcium supplement should stop feeding spinach.